New Menu Launch @ Domino’s Pizza (OMY Blog Club)

Pizza toppings are very much like a girl’s accessories – put too little on, and you’ll fail to stand out from the crowd. Put too much, and you’ll come off looking like a Christmas tree gone wrong; trying to come up with the perfect pizza topping is, as you’d guess, is no mean feat.

So I was pretty impressed to hear that Domino’s Pizza had rolled out not one, not two, but a whopping eight new pizza toppings on top of their already extensive menu. And thanks to the OMY Blog Clubyours truly got an invite to try them out! C:

Dropping by Domino’s Pizza in Kovan one night after work, I found myself amid other bloggers who were just as eager to get their hands on ’em pizzas. As you can guess, there was a certainly a mad rush when they arrived piping hot at our table, so here’s my take on the three toppings that I got to try! 😉

But before that, here’s a little food for thought: Domino’s pizzas come in four crusts that vary in thickness, including Classic Hand Tossed, New York Crust, Crunchy Thin Crust and Cheese Burst Crust. 

These are then topped (pun unintended! 😛 ) with one of six unique pizza sauces, namely the Signature Sauce, Sweet & Spicy Sauce, Napolitana Sauce, Pesto Sauce, Top Secret Sauce and Smoky Blended BBQ Sauce. 

Hungry yet? I bet you are! 😀


Alfredo Prawn which was the hottest pizza of the night, not surprisingly because of the fat, juicy prawns nestled in a bed of onion, red pepper, pineapple, mozzarella cheese and top secret sauce.

Unlike other pizza places (or just about any food chain out there overdo their cream-based dishes, Domino’s nailed it with this one. The blend of cream and cheese was just right and not overly cheesy or creamy, which is a good thing if you’re out to get as much grub as you can without getting that dreaded bloated feeling after. The red pepper and pineapple chunks were standard fare, too. C:

I was slightly disappointed with the prawns, though. I expected it to be fleshy and succulent, but it was quite dry and hard when I bit into it.


Chilli Beef, another hot favourite with onion, green pepper, beef cabonasi and ground beef on chilli sauce. If you’re a meat lover who wants to balance it with a little green, this is the pizza for you. 😀

That riot of colour on my slice told me there was a party both for the eyes and the palate, and boy, it sure was! 😀 Lovin’ those tiny chunks of meat. 😉


My last slice for the night, a Chickensaurus that I honestly grabbed because it was the nearest pizza and I was simply too full to move. With mushrooms, smoked chicken breast, chicken pepperoni and mozzarella cheese thrown together carelessly on smoky bbq sauce, this pizza may not have stood out appearance wise.

Taste wise, it was pretty ok, though I thought that the smoky bbq sauce was verging on sweet and overwhelmed the flavours of the mushrooms and chicken bits. I probably wouldn’t be rushing to get this, but it would make a nice change from all the cream and cheese. 😉

Ironically, though, what really caught my attention that night wasn’t Domino’s new menu, but their range of snacks and desserts!


Domino’s Cheesy Garlic Rings might look like a pile of greasy, run-of-the-mill onion rings, but it packs a lot more punch than you’d initially expect.

Flakes of garlic and cheese peppering its outer surface, making for a delectable snack on top of your pizza binge. If there’s a snack that re-defines the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, this is certainly the one. 😀


And what’s a pizza feast without a sinfully indulgent Chocholate Lava Cake? 😉 Digging into a crispy chocolate shell for a treasure trove of gooey chocolate sauce and chocolate flavoured flour, not that’s  a real treat. 😉

Domino’s Pizza may not have gotten me jumping up on my couch in excitement, but it definitely keeps tummies satisfied with its generous toppings and light crusts. I’ll definitely be back for more of their snacks and desserts! Kudos to the OMY team for organizing this taste test. 😀

If you’re craving for a good and cheap pizza fix, Domino’s is currently running a promotion where you get 2 regular pizzas for $22, 2 large pizzas for $33 and 4 large pizzas for $44! Best of all, delivery is free and you get a free pizza if it arrives at your doorstep after 30 minutes (15 if it’s a takeout). Dial 6222 6333 or simply pick up your iPhone and order through their app. 😉


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