[CLOSED] Din Gi Noodle House @ Plaza Singapura

Update June 2020: Din Gi Noodle House has closed.

It was a slightly rainy Sunday when a couple of my mates and I popped by Plaza Singapura looking for a bite to eat, having frolicked the entire day at Marina Barrage for our graduation photo shoot. We decided to check out Din Gi Noodle House, home of the much loved and talked about 一根面 yi gen mian  or single strand noodle.

Tucked away in a corner of Basement 2 of Plaza Singapura, Din Gi Noodle House looked nondescript and we would have completely missed it if not for a couple of chefs hard at work, making their signature single strand noodle with nothing but a pile of dough and years of dedication and practice.


With the alternative being a quick dinner at the food court upstairs, we settled for Din Gi Noodle House’s Dinner Set.

For $11 + +Din Gi Noodle House offers a variety of Dinner Sets which include an appetizer, noodle dish, dessert and a drink.


For our appetizers, we went for their Shredded Mix Veg and Spinach with Ginger, leaving out the last option which is the Garlic Ginger. Don’t be fooled by the name appetizer; it’s anything but the size of one (good news for veggie loving boys out there!)

Our Shredded Mix Veg arrived at our table in a white dish that was piled high with bean sprouts, glass noodles, shredded carrots, and a handful of greens. Too big for a normal appetizer, and too small to be a dish by itself. But hey, who’s complaining? 

It was surprisingly good, though. Chilled and mildly sour in taste, definitely what we needed after an afternoon of sweating it out and jumping around in our stuffy graduation gowns! I’m not too sure about the gargantuan portions though; we were barely halfway through it by the time we left, which was a real waste.


Our Spinach with Ginger on the other hand, was a let down; soggy with an overwhelmingly sour taste, it was a far cry from the soft, buttery texture I’m used to in my spinach based dishes. Its sloppy presentation didn’t help either, so it might be a safer bet to get the other two appetizers.


I had the ‘Beijing’ Minced Pork Noodle Set (S$14.20), one of the sets in the upper price range, but worth it to the very last strand. All 20 meters of it, sitting snug in a bowl and topped with a generous layer of minced pork and vegetables. C:


The noodle was springy, though not overly firm, while the minced pork was delightfully thick and salted.

In other words, the perfect dish to tuck into on a cold rainy day 😉


We ended our dinner with a bowl of Ice Jelly with Black Sugar, a deceptively simple dessert that made a sweet complement to the heavily salted flavour of the noodles. Yummy! 😀

I wouldn’t say that Din Gi Noodle House has got the best meal in town (hint hint: sloppy appetizers!), but price-wise, it definitely packs a lot and fills your tummy pretty well. I’ll definitely be back to try out their other noodle dishes. (There are riced-based dishes and soups as well, but those are served ala carte.) 😉

Address: Plaza Singapura Unit B2-50/51

Contact: 6238 0369

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm


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