[CLOSED] JPOT @ Tampines 1

Update June 2020: JPOT has closed.

The first thing we noticed when my dad and I stepped into JPOT’s branch in Tampines 1 was its looooong Condiments Bar where we could mix and match our condiments in every combination imaginable, including chili padi, spring onions, chopped garlic, peanut sauce, sesame oil, soya sauce, chili oil and more. 

Peanut sauce and sesame oil topped with spring onions? Or chilli padi drenched in soya sauce and chopped garlic? Hey, no one’s stopping you!


Tastes and appearances may vary.


My “I Don’t Know What I’m Doing” Sauce complete with soya sauce, spring onions and a hell lotta garlic for extra flavour. Bring on the mints!

The second thing we noticed was an iPad that had been installed in a sliding drawer beneath our table – not for getting a high score on Angry Birds, but for choosing our soup base and ingredients with ease, a definite plus point for those who don’t like waving at passing waiters and waitresses every time they want to order something.

And here’s a bigger plus point – you can preview your order, complete with the total cost so you won’t get as huge a shock when you’re paying the bill later on! How’s that for keeping track of your spending? 😀

I’d have preferred it if JPOT could change the orientation of their interactive menu, though; twisting back and forth while trying to read it from my seat became quite a pain in the back after a while.


When it comes to its Soup Base, JPOT doesn’t stick to the ol’ and boring hot-water-in-a-pot either. Instead, it offers seven soup bases, each with a uniquely Singaporean twist to cater to our local palate: JPOT Superior Broth, Bak Kut Teh, Herbal, Laksa, Silky Porridge, Tom Yum and Vegetarian! 

We played it safe and went for the JPOT Superior Broth which contains a mix of chicken and pork bones. 😉


With so many promising things about JPOT even before our meal had started, we were definitely looking forward to it. Yet the food took a while to arrive at our table; even the two bowls of rice we ordered didn’t make its appearance until a good five minutes later! We even joked that the chefs were busy harvesting the ingredients for our meal.

Still, good things come to those who wait, and our ala carte selections certainly did not disappoint! 😉


If you’ve the budget, go for the Wagyu Ribeye; otherwise simpler fare like our Marinated Beef should pretty much do the trick. Doesn’t look as palatable, but once dipped in the broth, the combination of tender, juicy meat with marinade and broth becomes oh so heavenly.

And that little quail’s egg that comes with every serving of marinated beef. Because who doesn’t love a boiled quail’s egg with their steamboat? 😀


We also had a dish of Enoki Mushrooms in Beef, another favourite among us meat lovers. The portion of mushrooms were just right, though the beef fell apart very easily and we almost lost the mushrooms in the process (‘doh).


Being avid fans of tofu, we couldn’t resist having a dish of Homemade Spinach Skin Beancurd. Honestly, I was a little disappointed with it; it was a tad oily for my liking and I could hardly taste the spinach.

What I love about JPOT, though, is that its ingredients like Sea Cucumber and Sliced Cuttlefish are prepared on the spot so you can literally taste the freshness after lifting it from the broth. And with all the flavours blended perfectly together, we were content with sitting there and sipping away at our bowls. 😀


Oh, and if you’re not too full, go for their desserts. I’m in love with JPOT’S Chendol which puts a spin on its local counterpart with shaved ice instead of the usual crushed version! 😀


Never mind that it looks something like a salad from outer space.

The word “steamboat” often brings to mind a bubbling broth surrounded by platefuls of ingredients assembled from a trip or two to the wet market, as dinner guests overwork those ladles trying to find that tiny morsel that slipped by moments ago. And of course, the occasional, sweat-filled squabble over who dropped what into that messy (and sometimes) overcrowded pot.

Thankfully, that isn’t the case at JPOT! Three cheers to innovative, lip-smackingly good dining. 😀


Tampines 1 Unit 03-16

Website: http://www.jpot.com.sg / https://www.facebook.com/JPOT.SINGAPORE

Contact: 6532 3536

Opening Hours: 11am – 10pm


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