Krispy Kreme @ Tangs Orchard

When you live in a country that’s all about food, getting your hands on the latest food fad is an achievement that’s held in as high regard as say, finding the Holy Grail. Heck, that highly coveted bite that’s hogging your Instagram feed is the Holy Grail!

So when Krispy Kreme finally opened its doors on our sunny island, specifically, in the basement of Tangs Orchard, you can imagine the hype.  Free doughnuts, crazy queues, and dozens upon dozens of coverage across social media (see what I did there? :P ).

Oh, and that green polka dotted paper bag emblazoned with its name in red? It’s pretty much the Chanel of the doughnut world on this side of the Equator as we speak (or eat).


And so, I became one of ‘em “typical Singaporeans who will jump in a queue that’s longer than the Great Wall of China for the in thing”, on the pretext of pretext of promising my parents a taste of those delicious, pillow soft doughnuts.

Why a wildly popular franchise like Krispy Kreme would plant their very first outlet in the backyard of Tangs’ underground home ware department, and in the middle of on-going underground works remains a fact to be justified. As is the price tag of $2.60 – $2.95 a doughnut.

But hey, if you are a wildly popular franchise that’s selling the world’s most beloved doughnut, anything goes, right? The snaking queue in front of its counter certainly says so. :P


For impatient folk like me, Krispy Kreme implemented an Express Queue which entitles you to a pre-packed box of a dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts ($23.40) or Assorted Flavours ($26.50).

Presenting, in clockwise direction, the twelve stars of the double K flavour spectrum: Power Blueberry Filled, Glazed Vanilla Cake, New York Cheesecake, Glazed Chocolate Cake, Almond All Over, Chocolate Iced with Sprinkles, Cookie Crunch, Chocolate Iced Glaze, Powdered Strawberry Filled, Chocolate Dream Cake, Cappucino Franco and Red Velvet.


A couple of hours had elapsed during their journey from the counter to my kitchen, but the dough tasted as light and fluffy as a good doughnut should! Sugary, gooey cream and various toppings were layered generously, adding another dimension to this legendary snack: sweet. 

Offerings like Red Velvet and Glazed Chocolate Cake, which are probably saturated with sugary additives, yield a much heavier flavour.

On the whole, Krispy Kreme’s doughnuts are way too sweet; I could barely get past two bites before I was in danger of slipping into a food coma. Maybe the Americans love their dough soaked with sugar. But if the double K team could make it less sweet for the Singaporean crowd, it might be worth indulging in from time to time. ;)

I’m not a hardcore fan, so I would probably wait for the craze to die down before giving their sugary halos another go. 😛

Red Velvet and Cookie Crunch are my top picks among the four I tried (not in one sitting, I might add!). But it’s largely due to the fact that I’m already predisposed to those flavours in general, not necessarily because Krispy Kreme induced a miraculous change in taste.

Personally, if Krispy Kreme could revamp their recipe to suit the local taste, and produce quality doughnuts, there’s not a reason why they shouldn’t break out of the food fad stage. Otherwise, if long-standing quality and prices are anything to go by, the test of time might prove its inability to live up to its initial hype.

If you braved the queue, though, do reward yourself with a sweet Chiller. It might cost almost twice a Krispy Kreme doughnut, but the deliciously cool taste sliding down your throat should make you forget the torturous wait before. And since you finally made it to the counter…


Basement 1, Tangs Orchard, 310 Orchard Rd

Singapore 238864

Website/ Facebook:




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