I Want My Noodle @ Shaw Centre

How much are you willing to pay for a bowl of noodles?

Eateries with artisanal or fusion takes on local cuisine have been popping up all over Singapore, giving an atas twist to humble dishes strongly associated with hurried morning and afternooon meals at our neighbourhood hawker centres. One such place is the aptly named I Want My Noodle, which styles itself as a craft noodle shop with contemporary twists on the ubiquitous Chinese noodle.

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Dolce Tokyo @ 313 Somerset

I’ve been visiting a number of Japanese-Italian cafes of late – whether it’s for a hearty Sunday brunch, or a one-on-one R&R over a cake and a piping hot cuppa. There’s something exquisite about Western cuisine, coupled with the unmatched level of attention paid by the Japanese to detail, which never ceases to delight my palate.

Dolce Tokyo is no exception. Tucked between Lowry’s Farm and Uniqlo at 313 Somerset, (which are coincidentally clothing giants from Japan) MOF’s latest venture boasts an extensive menu of all-day breakfasts, drinks, mains, and a variety of quirky desserts. But more on that later. 😉

Restaurants and cafes in town are notoriously crowded on weekends (for obvious reasons), so we were pleasantly surprised to find it relatively empty and quiet throughout our meal. It was just as well, since we got to soak in the casual atmosphere and smooth jazzy beats that permeated Dolce Tokyo’s 58-seater premises. 😉

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Krispy Kreme @ Tangs Orchard

When you live in a country that’s all about food, getting your hands on the latest food fad is an achievement that’s held in as high regard as say, finding the Holy Grail. Heck, that highly coveted bite that’s hogging your Instagram feed is the Holy Grail!

So when Krispy Kreme finally opened its doors on our sunny island, specifically, in the basement of Tangs Orchard, you can imagine the hype.  Free doughnuts, crazy queues, and dozens upon dozens of coverage across social media (see what I did there? :P ).

Oh, and that green polka dotted paper bag emblazoned with its name in red? It’s pretty much the Chanel of the doughnut world on this side of the Equator as we speak (or eat).


And so, I became one of ‘em “typical Singaporeans who will jump in a queue that’s longer than the Great Wall of China for the in thing”, on the pretext of pretext of promising my parents a taste of those delicious, pillow soft doughnuts.

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