Signature 8-flavoured Xiao Long Bao @ Paradise Dynasty

With its tender minced meat encased in a flavourful broth and smooth flour skin, it’s no wonder that xiao long bao is fast becoming a fixture in our Chinese palate. There’s little not to love about this bite-sized offering of meat and broth, which is why restaurants and eateries across the country are catching on to this delicious trend faster than you can say, “zai lai yi long!” (translation: bring me another!)

Confessing your ignorance about this dish is about as sacrilegious as, say, telling others that you don’t like to eat chicken rice; it’s just not possible. Thankfully, there are many places you can go to to “right the wrongs” and taste the legend of xiao long bao yourself. 😉

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[CLOSED] The Chop House 2-Course Set Lunch @ VivoCity

Update June 2020: The Chop House has closed.

Like the neighbouring ports, VivoCity plays host to a smorgasbord of cultures, brands and flavours. Just a walk down the promenade will bring you up close with some of the world’s most mouthwatering cuisines – from classic Western flavours by Brotzeit and Jamie’s Italian to explosively tantalising Asian offerings like Crystal Jade and Menya Musahi.

The Chop House is one of them; branded as Singapore’s first self-tap beer gastrobar, it is the brainchild of the team behind Wooloomooloo Steakhouse, another hugely popular joint for meat maestros and closet carnivores. But while this vibrant-hued gastrobar is a regular haunt for lovers of the self-proclaimed “liquid diet” (cue pints of beer on a Friday night), The Chop House has also rolled out a 2-Course Set Lunch for the corporate bound at nearby HarbourFront offices, as well as hungry tourists on weekdays for S$19.90


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High Society Cafe and Restaurant @ Marina Bay Sands

Besides an extensive music catalogue, the High Society brand now has another venture under its belt: a cafe and restaurant that serves up an eclectic mix of European fusion cuisine, seasonal dishes, and (dare I say it) cupcakes named after its award-winning records.

The name “high society” speaks for itself. Its chic, Italian-inspired premises, coupled with the infectiously upbeat jazz mix that permeates it, will have you convinced that you have left the bustling corridors of Marina Bay Sands for a sophisticated European district. So does High Society Cafe and Restaurant live up to its brand’s philosophy of “living life through the enjoyment of good music and good food”? The answer is: yes! 😀


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Dolce Tokyo @ 313 Somerset

I’ve been visiting a number of Japanese-Italian cafes of late – whether it’s for a hearty Sunday brunch, or a one-on-one R&R over a cake and a piping hot cuppa. There’s something exquisite about Western cuisine, coupled with the unmatched level of attention paid by the Japanese to detail, which never ceases to delight my palate.

Dolce Tokyo is no exception. Tucked between Lowry’s Farm and Uniqlo at 313 Somerset, (which are coincidentally clothing giants from Japan) MOF’s latest venture boasts an extensive menu of all-day breakfasts, drinks, mains, and a variety of quirky desserts. But more on that later. 😉

Restaurants and cafes in town are notoriously crowded on weekends (for obvious reasons), so we were pleasantly surprised to find it relatively empty and quiet throughout our meal. It was just as well, since we got to soak in the casual atmosphere and smooth jazzy beats that permeated Dolce Tokyo’s 58-seater premises. 😉

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Shutters @ Amara Sanctuary Resort (Groupon Deal)

It was a quiet Sunday evening when we dropped by Shutters at Amara Sancturary Resort.

Tucked away in a tranquil part of Sentosa, this restaurant seemed an ideal place to escape to for a quiet weekend dinner. And since we had a Groupon which entitled us to a Deluxe 3-Course Set Meal, all the more for us to check out this potential hidden gem! 😀

Stepping into its glass-encased premises, we were greeted by a handful of diners and resort guests tucking into its continental fare. The lush decor, coupled by a team of chefs working tirelessly in an open concept kitchen, put us in an indulgent mood for our meal. 😉


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Poulét @ VivoCity

Whenever French cuisine is mentioned, the image conjured is usually that of an immaculately dressed couple in a chi-chi, no-nonsense setting. Soft classical music plays in the background, while said couple discreetly cuts bite-sized portions from a minuscule dish.

Not at Poulét.

Touted for its Poulet Rôti (roast chicken), this casual restaurant is fast gaining a reputation for dishing up hearty, yet affordable meals. And judging from my recent visits, I’d say that’s a reputation that’s well earned! 😀

Read on and I’ll tell you why. 😉


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[CLOSED] Kraze Burger @ The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Update June 2020: Kraze Burger has closed. 

There are three things in life that one should never not cheat on: exams, lovers, and diets.

But if you absolutely have to cheat on the last item in this list, you’d better be darned sure that those calories you’re flirting with are worth every. Single. Bite.

Arriving at the pristine halls of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands one evening, my friend and I were famished, having spent the afternoon at the ArtScience Museum. Having little room in our wallets for more damage from the other chi-chi fine dining places, and not willing to spend our precious moolah on a certain high end food court (which to me isn’t half as good as the next hawker centre), an affordable, yet satisfying meal was in order.

We decided on Kraze Burger. 

Established in 1998, Kraze Burger is a South Korean franchise on a mission to take on one of the West’s most iconic offerings: the ubiquitous hamburger.  Walking into its green and brown hued interior, one could easily mistake it for a Western pub – that is, until the upbeat tunes of PSY, Big Bang and the like clue you in.


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