Bakerzin @ Vivocity

When it comes to pasta, I’m not one to go big on fancy schmancy restaurants.

Raised on my family’s frugal philosophy, I grew up with the mentality that I shouldn’t have to pay good money for whatever I can nail in my own kitchen… which explains why I still head over to McDonald’s for my Hot Cake fix 😛 (but that’s a story for another day).

So when my friend suggested lunch at Bakerzin in VivoCity, I couldn’t help but feel a little skeptical.

Don’t get me wrong; I was a fan when they first opened their doors in Tampines 1, but since then, their menu has seen so many changes that I hardly know what to expect (pretty much like every girl who’s seen the love of her life morph into a douche over time). That, coupled with a few not-so-pleasant dining experiences, put it waaaay below on my list of to-dine places in the West.

But as they say, everyone deserves a second chance, and restaurants are no exception. So, I thought, why the hell not? 😀


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[CLOSED] JPOT @ Tampines 1

Update June 2020: JPOT has closed.

The first thing we noticed when my dad and I stepped into JPOT’s branch in Tampines 1 was its looooong Condiments Bar where we could mix and match our condiments in every combination imaginable, including chili padi, spring onions, chopped garlic, peanut sauce, sesame oil, soya sauce, chili oil and more. 

Peanut sauce and sesame oil topped with spring onions? Or chilli padi drenched in soya sauce and chopped garlic? Hey, no one’s stopping you!


Tastes and appearances may vary.

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Nandos @ Plaza Singapura

There are many ways to find out whether your grub is truly as good as they say it is. From simple taste tests to elaborate searches for online reviews, the list is endless. Heck, you can even pit it against a famous Michelin star chef if you’re feeling really confident.

To me, the ultimate testament to good food is whether you can still savour it when you’re sick – or down with a stuffy nose, to be precise.

Hear me out here; I know we all have our good ol’ comfort food to soothe our troubled selves when we’re down, but what’s a girl to do when she has a date to keep? Without that oh so important sense of smell, what else is left to enhance the flavour of our food? Nothing much.


So when I stepped into Nandos at Plaza Singapura a couple of nights back, I knew their signature Portugese grilled chicken was in for a real test against the tastelessness that had long overtaken my taste buds. Even the decor and menu which practically screamed “Spicy!” did little to convince me otherwise.

Turns out, I was so wrong.

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