Heinz x Gong Cha Tomato BBT – Trying The Drinks Crossover You Never Expected So You Don’t Have To

I’ll start by saying that tomato sauce is one of my least favourite condiments, followed closely by ranch and thousand island. I would never allow it near my food if I can help it. 

But when Heinz and Gongcha’s latest collaboration, the time-limited Tomato BBT dropped, I could not resist checking it out. Maybe it was the oh-so-cute package that got me hook, line, and sinker. Or maybe it was the thrill of testing my tastebud with something that normally puts me off. 


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Okashi Gaku @ Suntec City, City Hall – Viral Japanese Cake Vending Machine Arrives in Singapore (Media)

I’m a sucker for cakes and snacks that come in cute packages, so when Okashi Gaku‘s cake-in-a-can first went viral on Japanese social media, I immediately added it to my bucket list for my next (if ever) trip. Fortunately, trying these cakes for ourselves will be a reality come 16 September, when its first overseas machine opens at the entrance of Eat at Seven in Suntec City


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Brotherbird Bakehouse Popup @ Shell Station, Tampines – Get All 14 Croissant Flavours Till 31 Aug

Whether you’re a French pastry purist or one for whacky fillings and flavours, you can’t deny that Brotherbird Bakehouse has become one of Singapore’s leading institutions on the croissant. And if the long queues and soldout notices are anything to go by, it seems many share this sentiment. 

Good news if you’re residing in the east – Brotherbird Bakehouse is running an extended popup at Shell Station MAC Drive-Thru till 31 August, where you can get your hands on their goodies including the sought-after August Edition box! 


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Mentai-Ya Japanese Cuisine @ Tampines GreenWeave, Tampines – Affordable Mentai Bowls in the Heartlands

Mentaiko is one of those guaranteed crowd-pleasers in Japanese cooking. After all, who doesn’t love a blanket of creamy, umami goodness layered generously on their rice bowls? 

With five branches scattered across Singapore, Mentai-Ya Japanese Cuisine is serving up this thicc Japanese-style cod roe sauce for customers in heartland areas like Tampines and  Bukit Panjang. 


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Waga Waga Den @ South Beach Tower, City Hall – Monochromatic-Themed Kiosk Selling Japanese-Style Snacks

With several Japanese-style or Japanese-inspired cafes popping up across Singapore, it’s interesting to see what each and every joint has to offer. One such business that has recently opened its doors at South Beach Tower is Waga Waga Den. A takeaway concept by Black Carvery Group, the same group behind Japanese fine-dining brands Black Cow and Shatoburian. 


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Goldenroy’s San Francisco Sourdough Pizza – Gourmet Pizzas Crafted from a 100 Year Old Strain of Sourdough Culture

You’ve heard of 100-year old recipes passed down for generations, but what about 100-year old sourdough starters? Goldenroy’s San Francisco Sourdough Pizza is a takeaway kiosk whose claim to fame is American-style sourdough pizzas, the base of which is made from a 48-hour aged sourdough starter that is itself an heirloom strain aged over 100 years old!  


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