Nasty Cookie @ Funan Mall, City Hall – Chunky Cookies with Decadent Flavours; Free Delivery for Orders $30 and Above once sang, “I like them big, I like them chunky”, and the same couldn’t ring more true for me and my cookies. The chunkier the better, and if they come with an oozing centre, even better!

In the two years since it launched online, Nasty Cookie has added many accolades under its belt, the biggest of it being its first takeout kiosk at Funan Mall in City Hall. The self-proclaimed first ever NY-style gourmet cookie is known for its decadent toppings and crumbly dough made with about 15 – 20% less sugar, so you can indulge your cookie cravings without the calorie-laden guilt trip that comes with it.


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JLD Dragon 吉龙糖 @ Punggol Waterway Point & The Star Vista – “Golden Ratio” Bubble Tea Made With 1646 Traditional Okinawa Brown Sugar (Media)

Ever wanted to indulge your boba tea cravings, but felt that slightest twinge of guilt at busting your weekly quota for your sugar intake? Well, you can slurp up your favourite beverages with less guilt at JLD Dragon 吉龙糖, the newest Taiwanese bubble tea chain to launch in Singapore.


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麥吉 Machi Machi @ Arab Street, Bugis – Jay Chou’s Favourite Bubble Tea Store Lands in Singapore + Full Menu

Taiwanese bubble tea chain and Jay Chou’s  favourite, 麥吉 Machi Machi, has landed in Singapore. With its legendary cream cheese foam and panna cotta milk teas, fans of the Taiwanese pop singer can feel one step closer to him by indulging in the same brand that was featured in his 說好不哭 Won’t Cry music video!


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