Goldenroy’s San Francisco Sourdough Pizza – Gourmet Pizzas Crafted from a 100 Year Old Strain of Sourdough Culture

You’ve heard of 100-year old recipes passed down for generations, but what about 100-year old sourdough starters? Goldenroy’s San Francisco Sourdough Pizza is a takeaway kiosk whose claim to fame is American-style sourdough pizzas, the base of which is made from a 48-hour aged sourdough starter that is itself an heirloom strain aged over 100 years old!  


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Ishiro Rice Bowl @ Bedok Market Place, Simpang Bedok – Delicious Japanese Rice Bowls in the Heartlands

These days when I find myself too busy to dip out for my daily lunch run, I find myself scrolling through food delivery apps to discover new eating spots. Ishiro Rice Bowl is one such eatery I stumbled upon when looking for a quick fix for my cravings for Japanese food.


With multiple outlets scattered across Singapore, Ishiro Rice Bowl has become well-known for its affordable Japanese-style rice bowls with runny onsen eggs and bold flavours. Upscaled, yet wallet-friendly Yoshinoya is how I would describe their delicious bowls! 

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Le Matin Patisserie @ Raeburn Park, Outram Park – Experimental Bakery Worth the Pilgrimage; Weekend Specials Available

I’ve written about Le Matin Patisserie so frequently, it’s almost as though I’ve become a regular. But, it would be a sin to not venture to its experimental bakery at Raeburn Park after sampling their sweet and savoury boxes! 


Read my review of Le Matin Patisserie’s bake boxes: 

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Le Matin Patisserie Savoury Assemblage – Decadent Savoury Bakes by Norma’s Ex-Pastry Chef

After my first try of Le Matin Patisserie’s Travel Series, I was eager to sample the Singapore-based bakery’s other creations. To my delight, Chef Mohammed Al-Matin, whom the bakery is named after, has come up with another selection of delectable savoury treats! 


Savoury Assemblage ($58)

Dubbed the Savoury Assemblage V1 ($58), the first of Le Matin’s savoury series contains four hand-crafted savoury bakes perfect for breakfast, lunch, or even a spot of afternoon indulgence. As always, look forward to clever takes on classic European staples. 

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Softhaus @ Great World City, Kim Seang Promenade – Ice Cream Bar with 16 Flavours and 22 Toppings by Janice Wong (Media)

A nice ice cream parlour is in town! Janice Wong, chef and owner of the eponymous Janice Wong Singapore brand of sweets and desserts, just launched a new ice cream brand, Softhaus in Great World’s basement. 


Taking over the space once occupied by the now-defunct Plentyfull, Softhaus brands itself as a place where “the wild and whimsical worlds of ice cream and art collide”. Here, ice cream lovers and fans of Janice Wong’s legendary 2am: dessertbar alike will find themselves spoilt for choice, with a dizzying array of 16 flavours and 22 toppings. 

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