Ishiro Rice Bowl @ Bedok Market Place, Simpang Bedok – Delicious Japanese Rice Bowls in the Heartlands

These days when I find myself too busy to dip out for my daily lunch run, I find myself scrolling through food delivery apps to discover new eating spots. Ishiro Rice Bowl is one such eatery I stumbled upon when looking for a quick fix for my cravings for Japanese food.


With multiple outlets scattered across Singapore, Ishiro Rice Bowl has become well-known for its affordable Japanese-style rice bowls with runny onsen eggs and bold flavours. Upscaled, yet wallet-friendly Yoshinoya is how I would describe their delicious bowls! 

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Le Matin Patisserie @ Raeburn Park, Outram Park – Experimental Bakery Worth the Pilgrimage; Weekend Specials Available

I’ve written about Le Matin Patisserie so frequently, it’s almost as though I’ve become a regular. But, it would be a sin to not venture to its experimental bakery at Raeburn Park after sampling their sweet and savoury boxes! 


Read my review of Le Matin Patisserie’s bake boxes: 

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Le Matin Patisserie Savoury Assemblage – Decadent Savoury Bakes by Norma’s Ex-Pastry Chef

After my first try of Le Matin Patisserie’s Travel Series, I was eager to sample the Singapore-based bakery’s other creations. To my delight, Chef Mohammed Al-Matin, whom the bakery is named after, has come up with another selection of delectable savoury treats! 


Savoury Assemblage ($58)

Dubbed the Savoury Assemblage V1 ($58), the first of Le Matin’s savoury series contains four hand-crafted savoury bakes perfect for breakfast, lunch, or even a spot of afternoon indulgence. As always, look forward to clever takes on classic European staples. 

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Softhaus @ Great World City, Kim Seang Promenade – Ice Cream Bar with 16 Flavours and 22 Toppings by Janice Wong (Media)

A nice ice cream parlour is in town! Janice Wong, chef and owner of the eponymous Janice Wong Singapore brand of sweets and desserts, just launched a new ice cream brand, Softhaus in Great World’s basement. 


Taking over the space once occupied by the now-defunct Plentyfull, Softhaus brands itself as a place where “the wild and whimsical worlds of ice cream and art collide”. Here, ice cream lovers and fans of Janice Wong’s legendary 2am: dessertbar alike will find themselves spoilt for choice, with a dizzying array of 16 flavours and 22 toppings. 

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[CLOSED] HAYO Handcrafted Yogurt Bar Japan Autumn Season Special @ Middle Road, Bugis – Japanese Inspired Flavours While Stocks Last (Media)

Update January 2023: HAYO has closed. 

While Singapore isn’t host to the typical four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter, flavour geniuses at restaurants and eateries across the island sure make it easy to enjoy seasonal goodies and flavours all the same. In light of the leaves turning and temperatures dipping over in Japan, Hayo Handcrafted Yogurt Bar has released a Japan Autumn Season Special which works classic Japanese flavours into its 100% Australian handcrafted yogurt smoothies.


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