Okashi Gaku @ Suntec City, City Hall – Viral Japanese Cake Vending Machine Arrives in Singapore (Media)

I’m a sucker for cakes and snacks that come in cute packages, so when Okashi Gaku‘s cake-in-a-can first went viral on Japanese social media, I immediately added it to my bucket list for my next (if ever) trip. Fortunately, trying these cakes for ourselves will be a reality come 16 September, when its first overseas machine opens at the entrance of Eat at Seven in Suntec City


While it’s marketed as a cake in a can, I daresay takeaway parfait is a more appropriate term for Okashi Gaku’s desserts. The cakes’ colourful and striking patterns bring to mind Yayaoi Kusama’s iconic dotted art installations. 

The cakes are imported from Japan, so you can be sure the desserts you’re getting your hands on are from the OG store. With prices starting from $8.80, Okashi Gaku’s desserts are certainly some of the more expensive Japanese desserts around. 

There are three types of desserts to choose from: Shortcake Cans, Fuwa, Cans, and Egg Pudding Cans. The Shortcake Can ($11.80) is one of the more photogenic creations, with fresh strawberry slices layered with vanilla sponge and whipped cream to give the illusion of a shortcake slice’s cross-section. The cream is rich but not to point of being cloying, and there’s also a hidden surprise of tangy strawberry puree at the bottom! 


Shortcake Can ($11.80)

Exclusive to Singapore are the Mango Chocolat, Tiramisu Can, and Matcha Cake Can which are also made in Japan. The Mango Chocolat Can ($9.80) is my favourite, with the light mango cream contrasting perfectly with the passionfruit jelly. For something simpler, go for the Egg Pudding Cans ($5.80) which is a plain vanilla pudding that’s just as tasty. 


Mango Chocolat Can ($9.80)


Tiramisu Can ($8.80)


Matcha Cake Can ($8.80)

Okashi Gaku’s cake-in-a-can is bound to be every bit as popular as its original counterpart in Japan. It remains to be seen whether a queue will form during its launch on 16 September. In any case, it is a cute and portable dessert to grab after a satisfying lunch or dinner at Eat at Seven!  


Address:3 Temasek Boulevard 03-306/307, 310 – 316, 331 Suntec City, Singapore 038983
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Promenade CC4/DT15



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