Crab & Burger – Crab-Themed Burger Delivery Service Helmed by Ex-Head Chef of Burger & Lobster (Media)

The great thing about cloud kitchens is being able to indulge in restaurant-quality foods without the hassle of having to get dressed and step out of your home. 

Opened three months ago, Crab & Burger aims to plug a gap in Singapore’s burger scene where beef-based goods are aplenty, but with options far and few between for seafood lovers. Its founder, a self-proclaimed introvert who is passionate about expressing his culinary creativity through food, once headed the culinary team at the famed Burger & Lobster in Singapore, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. 


Crab & Bruger’s menu is straightforward, with hearty starters and burgers for the taking. The KP ($20) is one hefty creation that features fried crabcakes served with cheddar cheese and curry mustard mayonnaise, along with beef tomatoes, onions, baby gem lettuce, and homemade pickles. The crabcakes are crisp and well-flavoured, with the “meat” yielding easily. I love how fresh the crabcake is as well! 


The KP ($20)

The Crab Omelette Breakfast Burger ($15) is one delicious creation that will power up your day in a bite. You’ll love sinking your teeth into the silky egg omelette with the succulent crab meat within. Between the two, I prefer this breakfast burger, as the crab taste is more prominent, yet it blends well with the omelette and chilli jam. 


Crab Omelette Breakfast Burger ($15)

No burger treat is complete without snacks. Tuck into some C&B Fries ($4 – $7) served with your choice of original, seaweed coated, or chilli crab sauce. The shoestring fries are fried to crisp perfection, good news for those who are religiously against soggy fries. For something a little heartier, get the Crab Mac & Cheese Bites ($9) – best eaten hot so you can enjoy your coveted #cheesepull. 


C&B Fries ($4)


Crab Mac & Cheese Bites ($9)



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