Waga Waga Den @ South Beach Tower, City Hall – Monochromatic-Themed Kiosk Selling Japanese-Style Snacks

With several Japanese-style or Japanese-inspired cafes popping up across Singapore, it’s interesting to see what each and every joint has to offer. One such business that has recently opened its doors at South Beach Tower is Waga Waga Den. A takeaway concept by Black Carvery Group, the same group behind Japanese fine-dining brands Black Cow and Shatoburian. 


Like its neighbourhood, Waga Waga Den is noticeably sleek both inside and out. The single-roomed glasshouse houses a monochrome-themed kiosk as well as a handful of sleek, metallic tabletops. There’s also a minimalistic alfresco area that would be nice to hang around under… friendlier heat and sunlight conditions.


Amidst the recent wave of “Japandi”-style retail and hangout spots, Waga Waga Den’s noticeably darker, sleeker design elements make it stand out all the more. Almost as though one has stepped into a minimalistic oasis of tranquility. 


Being a takeaway concept,  it’s not surprising to find Waga Waga Den’s menu consisting of only simple baked goods and drinks that customers can literally grab and go. 

The Cloud Iced Cappuccino ($8+) needs no introduction with its bubble foam topped with cocoa powder resembling a very similar offering from Omotesando Koffee, which has since closed its doors here. (If you’re ordering this drink for the ‘gram, be warned that the bubbles deflate very quickly and easily. Best to snap your photos as quickly as you can!) 

Taste-wise, the Cloud Iced Cappucino is well-bodied, though the cocoa notes could blend a little better with the milk. Top up $1 for a Concrete which is made with iced mocha. 


Cloud Iced Cappuccino ($8+)

If there’s one item that encapsulates the vibe of Waga Waga Den, it’s got to be the Azuki Butter Brioche ($5+) with its charcoal brioche bun. The savoury notes of the cold slab of butter and whole sweetened soft azuki beans complement each other pretty well, and besides, who doesn’t love a little extra butter in their buns? Though it’s a tad costly considering the portions. 


Azuki Butter Brioche ($5+)


Sleek decor and sophisticated menu elevate the coffee run experience at Waga Waga Den. It’s also ideal for people-watching, if you can snag an indoor seat on a slow afternoon! 

Address: 38 Beach Road, South Beach Tower, 01-14, Singapore 189767
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Esplanade CC3
Opening Hours: 
Tuesday to Friday: 8.30am – 3.30pm
Saturday: 9.30pm – 4.30pm 
Closed on Sunday and Monday 

Facebook/  Instagram
Menu: Food, Beverages


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