Goldenroy’s San Francisco Sourdough Pizza – Gourmet Pizzas Crafted from a 100 Year Old Strain of Sourdough Culture

You’ve heard of 100-year old recipes passed down for generations, but what about 100-year old sourdough starters? Goldenroy’s San Francisco Sourdough Pizza is a takeaway kiosk whose claim to fame is American-style sourdough pizzas, the base of which is made from a 48-hour aged sourdough starter that is itself an heirloom strain aged over 100 years old!  


Aptly named Old Grandpa, the sourdough starter hails from a San Francisco bakery helmed by generations of bakers. The square-shaped pizzas are supposedly baked with 100% olive oil to yield a well-bodied crust that is crunchy on the outside, yet soft and fluffy on the inside. 

Aside from its storied sourdough base, Goldenroy’s pizzas are also square-shaped, fitting within the takeaway box perfectly and giving you supposed more bang for your buck than a traditional round pizza. 

Each flavour ranges from $26 – $30, and is testament to Chef Roy’s quirky and artful approach to pizza. The Goldenroy Weekday Delivery Special ($66), available from Monday to Friday, comprises four half-pizzas with complimentary sourdough notes and islandwide delivery. They are also now Halal-certified, making their pizzas suitable for gatherings with your Muslim friends! 


Goldenroy Weekday Delivery Special ($66)

Meat lovers will gravitate towards protein-heavy offerings such as Here Comes The Sun and That-10K-Bitcoin-Pizza. Here Comes The Sun ($30) consists of generous strips of roast beef on a bed of garlic sourdough. While That-10K-Bitcoin-Pizza ($28) veers closely to the classic combination of smoky beef pepperoni with a rate cheese base. Between the two, my vote goes to That-10K-Bitcoin-Pizza, with its generous pepperoni slices!  


Here Comes The Sun ($30) and That-10K-Bitcoin-Pizza ($28)

The other two flavours in the Weekday Delivery Special are Roy’s Favourite and Kryptonite. It’s not hard to guess why Roy’s Favourite ($26) is named that way and is a current best-seller, with its mouthwatering pairing of earthy mushrooms with rich pesto. Seafood lovers will appreciate the aptly-named Kryptonite ($28) with its topping of succulent, salty-sweet clams elevated by the sourdough base’s garlic notes. Two interesting flavours that the meat lover in me would not typically think to order first at a pizza joint.   


Roy’s Favourite ($26) and Kryptonite ($28)

Goldenroy’s pizzas may be the crowd puller, but for me, the real star of the show are the We’re Just Friends: Parmeasan Garlic Sourdough Knots with Orange Pepper Sauce ($10). Crisp and decadent, the sourdough knots hit the spot with its garlic cream centre encased by crisp yet fluffy dough. The disarmingly bright orange pepper sauce adds a tanginess that helps elevate this sinful side. 


We’re Just Friends: Parmesan Garlic Sourdough Knots with Orange Pepper Sauce ($10)

Goldenroy’s San Francisco Sourdough Pizza lives up to its name, with lip-smackingly good San Franciso-style pizzas and creative flavours that will linger on your tastebuds days after you’ve snapped up the last morsel. Best of all, you can snag free delivery for orders with 4 pizzas or amounts exceeding $45 with a side of Sourdough Knots.  

Address: Trio, 11 Sam Leong Road 01-90, Singapore 207903 
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Lavender EW11/ Jalan Besar DT22
Opening Hours: 
Tuesday to Sunday: 12pm – 7pm
Closed on Monday  
Contact: +65 8660 8064

Website/ Instagram 


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