Lucky Dumplings @ ION Orchard, Orchard – Limited-Time Dumpling Tasting Platter for $8.80 (Media)

I don’t know about auspicious colours and numbers, but if someone labels a certain type of food “lucky”, you can be damned sure I’m getting my fill of it. Lucky for frequent town goers, the aptly-named Lucky Dumplings has set up shop in ION Orchard‘s foodie basement, with delicious noodles and dumplings available for the taking. 


Newly opened, this humble food kiosk’s branding bears an uncanny resemblance to hipster food joint Dumpling Darlings. Perhaps they are sister brands. Its menu is similarly straightforward, comprising strictly noodles and dumplings in substantial portions. 



Choose between two flavours for your noodles –  Szechuan Chicken and Truffle Mushroom (both $7.90). Truffle lovers will appreciate the pleasant, earthy aroma that emanates from the box when opened. Not forgetting the well-marinated mushrooms and chopped green onions that add crunch to the richly-flavoured noodles! Bite into that runny onsen egg for a perfect finish to your noods. 


Truffle Mushroom Noodles ($7.90)

Dumplings are available in five mouth-watering flavours: 

  • Original Lucky ($5.90 for 6 pcs, $6.90 for 8 pcs)
  • Chili Prawn ($7.90 for 6 pcs, $9.90 for 8 pcs)
  • Kimchi & Cheese ($6.90 for 6pcs, $8.90 for 8 pcs)
  • Mala Chicken ($5.90 for 6 pcs, $6.90 for 8 pcs)
  • Truffle Mushroom ($7.90 for 6 pcs, $9.90 for 8pcs)

My favourite flavours are Original Lucky and Truffle Mushroom, which pair well with the Truffle Mushroom Noodles. For a spicier kick, opt for the Chili Prawn and Mala Chicken. 


Dumplings ($5.90 – $7.90 for 6 pcs, $6.90 – $9.90 for 8 pcs)

Craving for your dumpling fix this Lunar New Year? Lucky Dumplings will be open from 10am – 10pm daily during the festive season, with islandwide delivery available through GrabFood. Grab the Lucky Dumplings Platter ($18.80 for 20 pcs) which serves up 10 pieces each of Original Lucky and Mala Chicken dumplings. You can even customise your own platter with up to 4 flavours, available with a top-up of $1 – $1.50 for selected flavours!


Lucky Dumplings Platter ($18.80 for 20 pcs, +$1-1.50 to customise your own platter)

Address: ION Orchard B4-63, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801
Google Maps
Nearest MRT: Orchard NS22
Opening Hours:
10am – 10pm daily 

Website / Facebook/  Instagram


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