The Assembly Ground @ The Cathay

If you were confused initially by The Assembly Ground’s presence at The Cathay, you’re not alone. This newly opened cafe is the F&B counterpart to The Assembly fashion store, and it bears no relation whatsoever to its namesake, Assembly Coffee in Evans Road.

It also breaks the mould of not being situated in an out-of-reach, hole-in-the-wall kind of neighbourhood.

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Monster Maki @ Maki-San (30 Aug – 13 Sept 2013)

Ever so often, there comes a rivalry that rocks our generation. From the catty fallout between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, to the relentless tug-of-war with Mac and PC – anything and everything is a potential battleground to see who can come out tops.

And Maki-San is no exception.

Touted as “the mother of all battles”, the Monster Maki menu was launched in conjunction with the cafe’s 1st Anniversary Bash. Boasting a whopping 10 ingredients each, the Gargan (a meat-based sushi roll) and the Tsunamo (its seafood opponent) will be rollin’ for 2 weeks, during which fans get to vote for their favourite Monster based on taste, appearance, or the sheer novelty of it.  

And the prize? A permanent spot on the menu. 

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