Top 10 Horror Spots in Hall

Home is where the heart is, and Hall has been nothing less than a second home to yourself and the BFFs you’ve made. It’s warm, its cozy and a totally safe haven where you can chill out after school.. or is it? Do you dare to venture out into the dead of the night on a journey around these top 10 horror spots??

1. The Hoarder’s Room

It’s the size of a teacup and it used to be the quaint residence of a fellow student. But as the weeks passed, it started to fill with many things, so many things that it’s started to spill out into the corridor. No one visits anymore because they can’t even find a way to enter. Then one day, you walk past and see a hand sticking out from underneath the debris. Is that him or her finally crawling out?!

 2. The Phantom’s Room

Take a wrong turn down the corridor and you’ll be sure to end up in here, if you’re not careful. What! It’s only an empty room, you say. But are you sure? Be careful, the phantom is said to lie in wait for unsuspecting residents whom it’ll  drag into its lair and never let out again. Soon, you’ll be just like the phantoms who once roamed these very corridors until they disappeared under very mysterious circumstances (e.g. projects, projects, and that occasional non-Hall CCA)

 3. The Toilet

Ahh, the place where everyone goes to freshen up, where the dirt and grime gather until..wait a minute, what’s that evil looking thing that’s growing in the cubicle.. is it a wild mushroom?! Ewwww!!!!

 4. The Laundry Room

Rows of little washing machines for you to throw your dirty laundry in. All is well until someone decides to sneak up behind you and throw you in as well. As soon as the assailant hits the spin button, you’re doomed! You’ll be left spinning round and round and round and round.. just like a carousel that refuses to stop…

 5. The Fridge

It’s 4am. You’re hungry and all your favourite supper haunts already closed for the night. You stumble into the kitchen hoping to find something to quell the hunger pangs. But behind those pristine white doors lies something sinister. Something that’s been festering for months. Slimy and gooey and.. OH NO DON’T EAT IT!!

 6. The Pond

Home of the Ponding Monster that’s drenched many a resident since it made its home in the Pond. Be careful when you walk past, the Ponding Monster loves nothing better than to spring out of the water, grab you, and dunk you inside its watery lair 10000 times!!

7. The Dark Room (or old photo-developing studio to you)

As the name suggests, the Dark Room is..dark. No light dares to enter this this room, and neither should you. It’s so dark you can’t even see your hand in front of you. You’ll be taking hours to find your way around, never mind back out.

8. The Communal Hall

Let me to put it this way: Are you really sure you want to eat that thing on your plate?

9. The Games Room 

Think you can come here to chill out and have fun with all the board games? Rumour has it that when no one’s looking, all the board games come to life and start to attack people for years of abuse, especially the Ugly Ugly Ugly cards. Don’t say I didn’t warn you; you’ll be smacked silly!

10. Your Hall’s Ultimate Rival Neighbour! 

You wake up and find yourself in unfamiliar territory. Then comes a distant chant that grows louder and louder. It’s that vile chant that your rivals always scream during the Inter-Hall games- OMG! WHAT THE DEVIL ARE YOU DOING BEHIND ENEMY LINES?! GET OUT NOW!!

Disclaimer: This list was the result of too many nights spent Russell Lee stories, and an over-active imagination. All places are purely fictional and any coincidence with names is completely unintentional. Please try not to scream if this list scared you in any way.. especially if you’re a guy 😛 

Originally published in SHaddup. 


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