3 for $13 Haul from Lovisa

I love my rings like I love Pringles; I can’t stop at one. Okay, that wasn’t the best analogy but I needed to fit something in and I was having the hunger pangs (as usual).

Anyway, going back to my favourite accessory: there’s something alluring about how the tiniest details can add so much flair to your outfit. I think my obsession began when I started shopping at flea markets and discovered how you can pair so many cheap accessories for different looks!

So when Lovisa had their 3 for $13 sale, there was no way I could resist. I mean, I’ve always been a fan of their chunky designs and statement pieces, but I honestly don’t believe in spending a bomb on something that’s relatively smaller compared to my other accessories, and is just sitting on my finger all day long. This discount, though, means that selected pieces go for a mere third of their original price; a real steal! 😀

My picks were worlds apart in design, but similar in that they all have gold accents. I tend to go overboard with the gold whenever I shop, so this time I tried to lay off my favourite tone and get a variety of shades. 😉

Read on to see how I wore ’em!

The sharp lines on my Cut Out Armour Ring gave it an edgy feel, so it made sense to pair it with equally bold pieces. Layered it with my F21 necklace and bracelet and set them against my black laser cut sleeve dress. Great if you wanna pull off the formal look at work. 😀

I’m not the biggest fan of pastels, but the intricate, old-worldish designs were what made this Vintage Pop Opaque Ring a winner (see, I’m a sucker for details). And I know the rule of thumb is not to pile on too many layers when you’ve already got a lot going in one piece, but I really love how the blue on my ring matches the one on my slave bracelet from New Look.

I wanted my last pick to be a fun piece, and this multi-coloured Petal Flower Ring really hit the spot. Them chunky petals remind me of fat gum drops. 😀 I didn’t really have a theme for this one, so the getup here is kind of haphazard. But hey, there’s no rule for mixing and matching! 😛

As you can see, statement pieces are all the rage now, and Lovisa has the latest trends down pat. There are loads of sales going on throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled! And if you’re in need of some fashion inspiration, just check out their Tumblr. 😉

Website/ Facebook: http://www.lovisa.com.au/https://www.facebook.com/lovisastore


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