5 Reasons to Visit DBS PayLah! Palooza Bazaar, Singapore’s 1st Ever QR Code Cashless Payment Led Bazaar (5 – 7 May) @ *SCAPE (Invite)

[Update 6 May 2017 – More information about how to use Paylah! as well as stalls to watch.]

Missed the Singapore edition of Artbox, held at Marina Bayfront a couple of weeks ago? You’re in luck, because DBS is back with another bazaar, Paylah! Palooza this weekend!


Source: DBS

I’m a big supporter of local F&B and lifestyle vendors, and an even bigger lover of bazaars, so here are 5 reasons you should check out Paylah! Palooza.

1. It’s cashless.

No cash? No problem. As Singapore’s first ever QR code cashless payment led bazaar, Paylah! Palooza requires just one thing to make your purchases: your DBS PayLah!’s QR code function.

That means no running to the ATM or grappling with your wallet, so you can be free to browse and shop till you drop!


Source: DBS

This cashless initiative is also held in conjunction with Singapore’s Smart Nation Vision, which means you’ll be living the shopping experience of the future – how cool (and convenient) is that?

For the uninitiated, here’s how to use it:

(Source: DBS)

Transfer a fixed amount of money from your DBS account to your Paylah! wallet, and you’re good to go!

2. Over 100 fashion, F&B, and lifestyle pop-up stores will be featured.

And that includes social enterprises supported by DBS. Here are some pop-ups you can expect at Paylah! Pahlooza:




93 Artmarket
Tinee Dino
Bobby Shay, a local perfume line founded in 2013, will be holding a 1 for 1 deal this weekend at Paylah! Pahlooza



3. You can catch local acts live.

Get ready to be serenaded by popular local acts including Inch Chua as you shop.

4. VR games galore.

If you haven’t gotten round to trying your hand at a VR game yet (and you totally should!), now’s your chance. Paylah! Paloozah will feature a wide variety of action packed titles, such as Call of Duty and Star Wars. First 10 minutes of gameplay is freeeee!

5. $5 off your first $10 spent.

That’s practically a 50% discount! To get it, use the code PAYLAH505 to get S$5 to spend at the event. It’s that easy!

Ready to check out the first cashless bazaar in Singapore? I know I am – and there are some really cool stalls to shop at ahead of Mother’s Day. 😉 Thanks to DBS Bank for putting this event together!

Address: *SCAPE Playspace
Opening hours: 1pm – 9pm (5 – 7 May 2017)



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