Monti Festino @ The Fullerton Pavillion – Singapore’s Longest Brunch by the Bay Featuring Live Risotto, Homemade Pasta, Frutti de Mare, and More (Invite)

Sunday brunches are made of these – long, slow-paced afternoons with your loved ones, your favourite dishes on the table, coupled with a picturesque view of the city on a weekend. Oh, and not forgetting a glass of bubbly in hand as you contemplate life’s simple pleasures.

Dubbed the longest brunch in Singapore (for the day long music and partying that commences after 3pm), Monti Festino is a new Sunday brunch concept by Monti, that aims to bring together the world’s finest ingredients, as well as smooth house tunes to create a feast for the senses.


While Monti Festino boasts over 40 selections in its menu, you’ll find only 2 stations set up in the dining area – the salad and desserts stations. Diners can order the other dishes, which are made to order for maximum relaxation and minimum wastage – hey, if I can pay someone to bring my food to me while I enjoy uninterrupted banter with my fellow diners, why not?

Diners begin with Frutti Di Mare, an exquisite seafood platter consisting of Alaskan King crab, cooked tiger prawn, tuna tataki, salmon sashimi, Fine de Claire oyster, mussels, and clams. Served upon arrival, each table is limited to 1 seafood platter.


Alternatively, you can pick your own selection of cold seafood, including Fine de Claire oyster, tuna tataki, tiger prawns on ice, and salmon sashimi served with cocktail camberi sauce and lemon.


On the Cold Cuts, we were treated to a platter of prosciutto (San Daniele cured ham), salame (cured Italian sausage), cotechinochorizocapocollo, pork rillette, and duck rillette.


As with any other Sunday brunch, eggs are on the menu, and you should definitely try the Eggs Benedict, served with two slices of bacon and plenty of hollandaise sauce.

While the choice of bread could have been better (think a solid slice of sourdough instead of fluffy white that turned soggy after sitting under all that egg and hollandaise sauce), we were truly impressed with how easily the yolk flowed when we cut into that egg! Bacon was also delightfully smoky and crispy.


For the sweet toothed, the French Toast is a classic rendition of honey cinnamon mascarpone, fresh berries, and caramelized banana served over bread. I definitely appreciated the homeliness of it, as well as the sweet flavours that balanced out the afternoon of savoury treats.


Not to be missed is Monti’s signature Cacio Pepe E Tartufo Risotto, which is prepared at your table side. Besides the seafood platter, this was also one of the most popular items.


After hearing that it was Monti’s signature dish, I had very high expectations for it – and I was certainly not disappointed! Finished in a gigantic wheel of parmesan cheese, the risotto was served warm, and yielded that delicious, nutty aftertaste with every bite. The black truffle added a nice finishing touch.


Other than tableside service, Monti Festino boasts a couple of customised dishes, including the DIY Omelette and Pasta. Personally, I’d say skip the pasta and go for another round of risotto.


Further substantiating your meal is Monti’s extensive selection of meat and seafood.

The Ribeye Steak, served with anchovy butter and red wine jus, was one of our first choices. Loved how easily the meat yielded to the knife when we cut it!


The Charcoal Grilled Iberico Pork Jowl was another enticing choice; we loved how tender and smoky it was. The crispy skin did remind us of sio bak, too!


No Sunday brunch is complete without drinks, and diners can choose between wine, cocktails, and non-alcoholic concoctions. The Make Your Own (MYO) Bloody Mary, a signature at Monti’s, was the perfect accompaniment to the free flow of the afternoon’s goodies.

To round up your meal, Monti Festino boasts a variety of desserts, from the typical fruit salads to delicate cakes. My personal favourites were the Zabaglione Shooters and Lemon Rosemary Tartlets



If you’re looking to up your Sunday brunch game, Monti Festino is a extravagant affair that you won’t regret. Thanks for hosting us!

$90++ for brunch buffet only
$120++ for brunch and non-alcoholic drinks
$140++ for brunch and free flow wine
$160++ for brunch and free flow champagne

Address: 82 Collyer Quay, The Fullerton Pavilion
Opening hours: 12pm –  1am Daily (Brunch 12pm – 3pm)
Contact: 6535 0724/

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram

Cold Seafood
Cold Cuts
Soup and Salad
Meat and Seafood

Extra charges: GST and Service Charge


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