Binge Watching DBS SPARKS with Deliveroo – Readers’ Giveaway till 30 April 2017 (Invite)

If you’ve worked with me long enough, you would know that one of my greatest guilty pleasures is sitting down with a juicy meal and an even juicier drama on my computer during lunch time. Call me anti-social, but nothing should stand between you and a good, relaxing lunch on a hectic day!

A new mini series by DBS Bank really caught my eye a few months back. Played by an ensemble of local and regional actors, including theatre veteran Adrian Pang,  SPARKS is a collection of stories about a team of young bankers and their clients across Asia.


What really drew me in were the compelling stories and well fleshed out characters, each with their own motivations and insecurities in their career. As a content marketer by day, it’s really refreshing to see a brand like DBS re-tell their success stories without hard selling their services.



There are 6 episodes in all:

  • Episode 1: Once upon a time
    Sparks fly when a young upstart joins a team. Will they be able to put their differences aside and work together to make a difference?
  • Episode 2:  Saving sunlight 
    The bankers come face-to-face with a risky proposal. It’s a vision they believe in, but does embracing change mean putting the bank in a tough position?
  • Episode 3: Fighting giants 
    A mega-developer’s plan threatens to wipe out an entire town and a young woman’s dream. It seems like fighting a losing battle, but the bankers are up for the challenge.
  • Episode 4: Never too late 
    A new boss and an old acquaintance set the bankers on a new mission. When an unexpected situation tests their mettle, they must dig deep and find their worth.
  • Episode 5: In pursuit of the cure 
    An important decision threatens to tear the bankers apart. And in their quest for the ultimate solution, they found something more valuable than they ever imagined.
  • Episode 6: New beginnings 
    The bankers embark on an incredible journey. Together, they challenge traditions and work to change the future of an entire village. Will they prevail?

Kudos to the creative team behind SPARKS, really. The chemistry between the actors are palpable, and, while the accent is somewhat stylised, does not come off as contrived. The series also weaved in a couple of true stories from past clients, as well as The DBS Foundation‘s social entrepreneurship at Asia For Good.


And what’s the best accompaniment to binge watching a good mini series? Takeout! What’s even better? Takeout that’s delivered right to your doorstep. 

I settled for a trio of dishes to share with the family from Harry’s via the Deliveroo app.


For the uninitiated, Deliveroo is a mobile app that delivers food from your favourite neighbourhood restaurants to your home and office, so you can save travel and queue time for the more important things in life.

Simply enter your location, pick a restaurant, cafe or eatery, select your dishes and time to delivery, and wait for your trusty Deliveroo rider. Delivery time is excellent and we got our piping hot dinner on the dot.


Good news if you, like me, love indulging in takeout over a good show. DBS is partnering with Deliveroo to give you a $30 voucher! All you have to do is:

1. Snap a photo of how you would enjoy binge watching SPARKS.
2. Visit DBS’ Facebook video:
3. Leave your entry as a comment
4. Add the hashtag #sparkswithchue or tag my Facebook Page, Chue On It to win double the prize

Contest ends 30 April. Good luck!

Binge watch DBS SPARKS 
Download the Deliveroo app


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