Kittea – Artisanal Tea Flavours for Cat Lovers (Invite)

I’ve recently gotten into the habit of drinking tea – just taking 5 minutes off my morning to brew a cup, and taking in that sweet, sweet aroma has become my little sanity fix amidst busy days at work.

Kittea began in 2016 with an intention to combine its founder’s love of tea and cats (hehe geddit geddit?). The result is 12 unique brews, each with its own take on the breed it was named after.


Available in tea bags ($14 for 20 tea bags) or as loose leaves ($8 per tin), Kittea can be purchased online or at partner stores and cafes, such as Naiise and Kooks Creamery. If you’re feeling spoilt for choice or indulgent (or both), you can spring for the Gift Box (S$78) which contains all 12 brews and a mini catalog.


And good news: Kittea recently upgraded their loose leave containers to food grade airtight tin cans, which holds about 10g more tea than the old packaging!


Herbal & Tisanes

Feeling under the weather? Kittea’s Herbal & Tisanes might just be the thing for you!

The Ragdoll is actually your good ol’ Camomile tea. It emits a natural sweetness with mild floral notes which I liked. Hands up if smelling a new tin of loose tea leaves is your guilty pleasure too!

The Persian, on the other hand, is much more sharp in flavour profile, given its peppermint base.



Fruit Tea

While I’m not a huge fan of fruit based teas in general, I can see how the  Fruit Teas would be ideal for a hot summer’s day. Just throw in some ice cubes and you have yourself the perfect remedy to beat the heat.



Black Tea

Out of all four categories of tea by Mykittea, I have to say that the Black Teas were my favourite. I just love how subtle, yet aromatic they are!

Released in conjunction with Valentine’s Day, The Sphynx is perhaps one of the more photogenic brews, with black Ceylon tea sprinkled with pink French rosebuds.

The Scottish Fold, consisting of Assam and Ceylon black tea leaves, brings to mind Thai Milk Tea.



Green Tea

For something a little closer to the Asian palate, Kittea’s Green Teas are the ideal accompaniment to a relaxing afternoon.

The Calico packs more intense aromas out of the three, thanks to its strong vanilla and strawberry notes.


Feeling inspired to embark on your own journey of tea discovery? Kittea offers free shipping on Singapore orders above $50 and international orders above $100, and orders are shipped out within 1 – 2 working days upon payment, even on public holidays.


Thanks for getting me started on my own tea journey!



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