Almond Bird’s Nest Gift Set by First Brew – Instagram Giveaway Till 29 Sept 2020 (Media)

Once consumed by only the Chinese emperor and the royal family, as they were believed to prolong lifespan, bird’s nest has made its way into modern Chinese families’ diets for its high nutritional value and sialic acid which contributes to good health, especially for the skin.


First Brew, a milk-alternative beverage specialist, has combined this traditional, premium ingredient with its deliciously rich almond milk, made from scratch with nan xing bei xing!


Available in sets of 3 and 6 bottles, First Brew’s Almond Bird’s Nest ($57 for 3 bottles, $114 for 6-bottle gift set) is a rich and nourishing concoction. The velvety texture of the almond milk soothes your throat, while bite-sized pieces of bird’s nest glide past smoothly. A well-brewed drink that balances the flavours of the almond milk and bird’s nest evenly.


With its palatable flavours and nutritious properties, First Brew’s Almond Bird’s Nest makes an ideal gift for your loved ones. The 6-bottle gift set comes in a magnetic box lined with luscious linen.


Almond Bird’s Nest Gift Set ($114)


Almond’s Bird’s Nest 3 Bottles ($57)

Here’s how you can score your own Almond Bird’s Nest Gift Set from First Brew!

  1. From now till 29 September, head to First Brew’s Instagram page.
  2. Like this giveaway post.
  3. Like 5 other posts.

Winner will be announced on First Brew’s Instagram Story on 30 Sept. Good luck!




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