Wabi Sabi @ Island Kitchen Collective – Delectable Japanese Cuisine Delivered to Your Doorstep; Free Delivery For Orders Above $100

While eateries, restaurants, and cafes have re-opened across Singapore, it doesn’t mean that we don’t crave a little gastronomic indulgence from the comfort of home every now and then. Island Kitchen Collective is one such option that has popped up on online for us to order our favourite cuisines from. 


Styling itself as a virtual restaurant, Island Kitchen Collective has two components to its… collective. Wabi Sabi, which is its Japanese component that serves up mouthwatering sushi and donburi, and Mercato Gatto, a Mediterranean specialist set to whet appetites with hearty grain bowls and pastas

You can order up to three days in advance, with a minimum $30 order and free delivery for orders worth $100 and above. 


With deliveries imposing restrictions and challenges on what kind of dishes are feasible to travel over longer distances, I was pretty impressed that the dishes we ordered, were plated identically to the menu illustrations! No worrying about finding your orders tussled beyond recognition. You can certainly expect restaurant level of plating from these guys.

The Double Trouble Salmon Roll ($16) from the makimono menu boasts avocado and cucumber maki topped with a heaping of spicy salmon tartare and salmon roe. The slight heat contrasts perfectly with the creamy avocado and refreshing cucumber. Great for sharing as a side dish.  


Double Trouble Salmon Roll ($16)

As another review put it, there’s not a lot of innovation going on in Island Kitchen Collective’s Wabi Sabi menu. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing! The team does the classics pretty well, with fresh and clean flavours featuring in each dish. 


The donburi lineup includes Salmon Dance ($22), which serves up some salmon overload with its a variety of salmon done different ways. The salmon sashimi and salmon belly are incredibly fresh and fatty, with the salmon tartare and salmon roe providing some contrast with their more intense flavours. A must-try for salmon lovers. 


Salmon Dance ($22)

Freshness is of the utmost importance for Bara Chirashi ($24), which Island Kitchen Collective knocks out of the park. To lock in that freshness and flavour, the package includes its own cooling pack. What you get is an amalgamation of vibrant colours and tastes from the different components, similar to what you would enjoy at a regular restaurant. 


Bara Chirashi ($24)

I know where I’m getting my next “Japanese food from home” fix. There are even combos for two or four if you are spoilt for choice, and prefer to let the experts do the choosing. And with such care and attention paid to every little detail, there’s little doubt that Island Kitchen Collective will continue to deliver! 

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