When in Tokyo: Ginza Wakamatsu @ Ginza Core Building, Ginza – Birthplace of Anmitsu Located Next to Prada

Fancy eating a piece of Japan’s history? Ginza Wakamatsu is a traditional dessert shop whose history spans over 100 years. Tucked away in an unassuming corner of Ginza Core Building, right next to the Prada store, this storied place was the very one to introduce anmitsu. 


A classic dessert comprising agar gelatin, sweet bean paste, and black sugar syrup, anmitsu used to be exclusively available at Ginza Wakamatsu, which first created it in 1930, about four decades after it opened. 


Walking in, you would never suspect that Ginza Wakamatsu was where one of Japan’s most iconic and popular sweets was born. The interior is unapologetically old-school, yet everything looks well-maintained and clean. You can even find old news clippings by the front counter, and the display window is enough to set mouths watering. 


Anmitsu is typically accompanied by other delectable goodies such as preserved fruits, mochi, and ice cream. The Cream Shiratama Anmitsu (¥1,350) provided some refreshing respite after  a day of gallivanting around Tokyo, and the brown sugar syrup served to enrich the ingredients with its intense sweetness. Every order is accompanied by hot green tea to help reset your palate after a few bites. 


Cream Anmitsu (¥1,350)

It’s amazing that Ginza Wakamatsu has stood the test of time, not just through changing food trends but also a worldwide pandemic that wiped out several longstanding businesses. Pop in here for a spot of sweets and relaxation in between shopping sprints at Ginza! 


Address: 5 Chome-8-20 Ginza, Ginza Core, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan
Google Maps
Nearest Train Station: Higashi-Ginza
Opening Hours:
Wednesday to Sunday: 11am – 5.30pm 
Closed on Monday and Tuesday    
Contact: +81 3 3571 0349

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram 


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