When in Tokyo: Gyoza Hohei @ Ryushin Buiding, Ginza – Gyoza Bar Open Till Late; Try Their Ginger Gyoza

I love me a good gyoza, whether as a hearty dinner dish or a sinful snack to pair with beer. There are few experiences as comforting as biting into a thin gyoza skin and sinking your teeth into greasy minced meat that is bursting with flavour. 

I stumbled upon Gyoza Hohei while searching for a late dinner near my hotel in Ginza. Turns out, this unassuming establishment is actually the sister location to the legendary Kyoto-based eatery of the same name! 


While other reviews have alluded to lengthy queues around lunch and dinnertime, Gyoza Hohei was relatively empty when I visited. That said, the space is rather compact, as with most eating spots in Tokyo, and it wasn’t long before the place was filled up again with crowds of salarymen seeking some late-night chow. 


As its name suggests, Gyoza Hohei serves up hanetsuki gyoza – a style of gyoza with additional crisp layers in a wing-like form. There are two flavours available, standard and ginger. Both will set you back ¥500 for 8 pieces

Each individual gyoza is practically bite-sized, so you can safely polish off both flavours even if you are dining solo. While the standard gyoza is pretty satisfying and flavourful, the ginger gyoza sealed the deal for me. The kick from the ginger helps elevate the flavour of the meat, while the accompanying miso sauce adds a comforting touch. 


Gyoza (¥500 for 8 pieces)

Aside from gyoza, customers can also tuck into a variety of side dishes such as Pickled Cucumber with Sesame Oil (¥380) – a refreshing treat during the summer – Potato Salad (¥420), and Meat Miso Bean Sprouts (¥480). Drink orders are also mandatory with dine-in. 


Pickled Cucumber with Sesame Oil (¥380)

Want to bring home a piece of Gyoza Hohei? Frozen gyoza are also sold at each store, so you can re-create the dining experience in your own kitchen. According to the eatery’s website, a third outlet opened on Rue Sanite-Anne in Paris about a couple of weeks ago. So, France-based readers, you’re in luck! 


Address: Japan, 〒104-0061 Tokyo, Chuo City, Ginza, 8 Chome−7−9 金六ビル 1F
Google Maps
Nearest Station: Shimbashi
Opening Hours: 
Monday to Friday: 5pm – 1am 
Saturday: 12 – 3pm, 4 – 10pm
Contact: +81 3 6274 6960



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