Monster Maki @ Maki-San (30 Aug – 13 Sept 2013)

Ever so often, there comes a rivalry that rocks our generation. From the catty fallout between Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie, to the relentless tug-of-war with Mac and PC – anything and everything is a potential battleground to see who can come out tops.

And Maki-San is no exception.

Touted as “the mother of all battles”, the Monster Maki menu was launched in conjunction with the cafe’s 1st Anniversary Bash. Boasting a whopping 10 ingredients each, the Gargan (a meat-based sushi roll) and the Tsunamo (its seafood opponent) will be rollin’ for 2 weeks, during which fans get to vote for their favourite Monster based on taste, appearance, or the sheer novelty of it.  

And the prize? A permanent spot on the menu. 

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[CLOSED] Din Gi Noodle House @ Plaza Singapura

Update June 2020: Din Gi Noodle House has closed.

It was a slightly rainy Sunday when a couple of my mates and I popped by Plaza Singapura looking for a bite to eat, having frolicked the entire day at Marina Barrage for our graduation photo shoot. We decided to check out Din Gi Noodle House, home of the much loved and talked about 一根面 yi gen mian  or single strand noodle.

Tucked away in a corner of Basement 2 of Plaza Singapura, Din Gi Noodle House looked nondescript and we would have completely missed it if not for a couple of chefs hard at work, making their signature single strand noodle with nothing but a pile of dough and years of dedication and practice.


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New Menu Launch @ Domino’s Pizza (OMY Blog Club)

Pizza toppings are very much like a girl’s accessories – put too little on, and you’ll fail to stand out from the crowd. Put too much, and you’ll come off looking like a Christmas tree gone wrong; trying to come up with the perfect pizza topping is, as you’d guess, is no mean feat.

So I was pretty impressed to hear that Domino’s Pizza had rolled out not one, not two, but a whopping eight new pizza toppings on top of their already extensive menu. And thanks to the OMY Blog Clubyours truly got an invite to try them out! C:

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Nandos @ Plaza Singapura

There are many ways to find out whether your grub is truly as good as they say it is. From simple taste tests to elaborate searches for online reviews, the list is endless. Heck, you can even pit it against a famous Michelin star chef if you’re feeling really confident.

To me, the ultimate testament to good food is whether you can still savour it when you’re sick – or down with a stuffy nose, to be precise.

Hear me out here; I know we all have our good ol’ comfort food to soothe our troubled selves when we’re down, but what’s a girl to do when she has a date to keep? Without that oh so important sense of smell, what else is left to enhance the flavour of our food? Nothing much.


So when I stepped into Nandos at Plaza Singapura a couple of nights back, I knew their signature Portugese grilled chicken was in for a real test against the tastelessness that had long overtaken my taste buds. Even the decor and menu which practically screamed “Spicy!” did little to convince me otherwise.

Turns out, I was so wrong.

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[CLOSED] Blackball Singapore 黑丸嫩仙草 @ Star Vista

Update June 2020: Blackball’s Star Vista outlet has closed.

It’s been an overwhelming afternoon – travelling halfway across Singapore to pick up my graduation gown from school, dodging dozens of people bent on pitching all kinds of “post-grad” services and surveys, and trying to keep my cool, all amid the sweltering heat.

Naturally, a dose of me time was in order, so instead of taking my usual route home, I took a detour and ducked into Star Vista to escape the afternoon heat – and right in time for a cold treat!


Noooot quite!
Source: 9Gag

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