[CLOSED] Artistry Cafe @ Kampong Glam

Update June 2020: Artistry has closed.

Ever heard of those legendary hawker stalls that open to snaking queues and sell out before the day is halfway through? I feel like Artistry is on its way to setting that benchmark in the cafe world. Its hot favourites, namely Big Breakfast and Eggs on Toast, sell like hot cakes and, coupled with a kitchen that closes at 4pm everyday, means that a full course indulgence eludes customers who are none the wiser, i.e. me.

Nevertheless, a ten minute pilgrimage under Singapore’s unforgiving sun from Bugis Junction to its Kampong Glam based premises warrants a reward for the rumbling tummy, so I decided to give the good folks at Artistry a chance on both visits, and boy, am I glad I did. 😉

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Maison Ikkoku Cocktail Bar @ Kandahar Street

Stepping into Maison Ikkoku Cocktail Bar is like entering another world.

For one, its sophisticated and intimate interior is a far cry from the bustling cafe two storeys below. White brick walls and exposed steel pipes give this semi-al fresco bar an industrial feel, while sleek metallic globes hang from the ceiling as a sign of some out-of-this-world mixin’ going on.

Then there’s the menu: there isn’t. You choose your poison by telling ’em what you’re in the mood for (Something sweet? Minty? Strong?), and after a slightly surreal exchange, you sit back and watch Maison Ikkoku’s artisans shake and mix with an almost rhythmic grace.


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