Okashi Gaku @ Suntec City, City Hall – Viral Japanese Cake Vending Machine Arrives in Singapore (Media)

I’m a sucker for cakes and snacks that come in cute packages, so when Okashi Gaku‘s cake-in-a-can first went viral on Japanese social media, I immediately added it to my bucket list for my next (if ever) trip. Fortunately, trying these cakes for ourselves will be a reality come 16 September, when its first overseas machine opens at the entrance of Eat at Seven in Suntec City


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Minced Pork Bros @ Old Airport Road Food Centre – Traditional Bak Chor Mee with Modern Influences (Media)

Bak chor mee is one of those quintessentially Singaporean things that is hard not to love, yet is not easy to nail either. Thankfully for our local food heritage, new contenders like Minced Pork Bros are rising to the challenge of preserving one of our favourite supper dishes, albeit with a few modern twists. 


Opened by the owners of hawker legend Roast Paradise, also located at Old Airport Road Food Centre, Minced Pork Bros is a mod-concept stall. Its “young generation” founders, Randall Gan and Kai Koh, have previously collaborated with media personalities such as Class 95FM and The Muttons. 

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Hot Thai Grill Hotpot Buffet @ COCA Singapore – Have It Your Way with New Grill Installations (Media)

It’s an age-old debate – fiery, hot BBQ versus wholesome, comforting hot pot. But why deprive yourself of one when you can have the best of both worlds? COCA Singapore has launched its new Hot Thai Grill Hotpot Buffet (available with an $18 add-on) for you to do so! 


Known for its mouthwatering hotpots that blend Thai cuisine with Cantonese home-style cooking, COCA has been serving customers consistently at both its Kallang Leisure Park and Suntec City outlets since 1987. The Hot Thai Grill Hotpot levels up the cook-it-your-way experience with two ways to prepare their marinated meats and seafood. 

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