C-Side Sentosa @ Siloso Beach Walk (Sugar Rush)

If there’s one thing we can thank Singapore’s weather for, it’s the tropical cheeriness that lasts all year long. And at C-Side Sentosa, summer never ends!

Comprised of five F&B and beach bar outlets, C-Side served as the venue for our second SUGAR RUSH, as well as a new quarterly event called 3BS (more on that later). Having passed the area frequently during my university’s beach orientation games, I jumped at the chance to try their range of bar bites, cocktails and beers.

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Race The Dead 2013 , Day Two @ Sentosa

I once joked that the only thing that could make me run faster would be a zombie hot on my heels.

Little did I know that I would be outrunning not one, not two, but an entire army of the undead, on the sandy beaches of Sentosa!

Branded as Singapore’s First Ever 5K Zombie Run, Race The Dead combines a grueling obstacle course with an even bigger, more menacing obstacle – the zombie, whose dreaded bite can turn you into a grey-skinned, sore-popping creature that goes “Gnnnnnarrrr” at the sight of human flesh.

Having a mild obsession for zombie movies like 28 Days Later and the like, but being too cowardly to give the ol’ horror themed mazes a try, Race The Dead became the next best thing – sort of a replacement agenda on the bucket list. 😉


You can’t tell here, but I’m actually cowering on the inside – and holding in a fart.

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Shutters @ Amara Sanctuary Resort (Groupon Deal)

It was a quiet Sunday evening when we dropped by Shutters at Amara Sancturary Resort.

Tucked away in a tranquil part of Sentosa, this restaurant seemed an ideal place to escape to for a quiet weekend dinner. And since we had a Groupon which entitled us to a Deluxe 3-Course Set Meal, all the more for us to check out this potential hidden gem! 😀

Stepping into its glass-encased premises, we were greeted by a handful of diners and resort guests tucking into its continental fare. The lush decor, coupled by a team of chefs working tirelessly in an open concept kitchen, put us in an indulgent mood for our meal. 😉


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The Color Run 2013, Day One @ Sentosa

For a generation that spends majority of its waking hours glued to the glare of a smartphone or the glow of a computer screen, we sure spend a hell lotta time running. We run after the bus, we run to zip into the train before that gate closes, and we run after the bus… well, you get the idea.

But it’s not often that we get to run with mounds of colour powder thrown at us from all four directions.

The Color Run (think Holi meets running), also branded as the Happiest 5k on the planet originated in the United States in 2012 as an untimed paint race. It aims to spread an athletic experience beyond the ol’ make-it-to-the-finish-line-in-the-quickest-time routine. Top that with coloured powder stations at every 1km, and you pretty much have an outdoor party that can be enjoyed by all! 😀


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