The Color Run 2013, Day One @ Sentosa

For a generation that spends majority of its waking hours glued to the glare of a smartphone or the glow of a computer screen, we sure spend a hell lotta time running. We run after the bus, we run to zip into the train before that gate closes, and we run after the bus… well, you get the idea.

But it’s not often that we get to run with mounds of colour powder thrown at us from all four directions.

The Color Run (think Holi meets running), also branded as the Happiest 5k on the planet originated in the United States in 2012 as an untimed paint race. It aims to spread an athletic experience beyond the ol’ make-it-to-the-finish-line-in-the-quickest-time routine. Top that with coloured powder stations at every 1km, and you pretty much have an outdoor party that can be enjoyed by all! 😀


When news reached that this famed event would be hitting our shores, I was no doubt extremely excited about it, having never participated in any marathon before. Not wanting to miss out, I camped in front of my computer at lunch time to secure a slot for myself in its two-day run.

The anticipation grew when I collected my Race Pack which contained a few marathon essentials and a handful of fitness-related vouchers (a not so subtle hint that I should hit the gym soon? 😛 ) Despite hearing about the initial hiccups surrounding its collection, the whole thing went smoothly and I got my goodies in a jiffy! 


Needless to say, I could no longer contain my excitement when the day finally rolled around for the race. And apparently, so were my fellow Colour Runners! I mean, check out the crowd that greeted my running partner and I when we reached VivoCity!


My only grouse for The Color Run was the amount of waiting we had to do. We were ushered into the Race Village by a group of volunteers along what I can only describe as a rather confusing route, since we had to meander through a car park and get in a couple of queues before we finally made it to the start point.

No complaints though, since our wait meant more time to pose for pictures! 😀

The race itself was admittedly a bit of a let down; I was expecting to be greeted by a riot of colour from start to finish, but the first colour zone didn’t appear until we had crossed the first 1km mark. Even then, the number of colour-pelting volunteers appeared rather few and far between, and we ended up either rolling around on the powdered ground or scooping up handfuls from it and aiming them at each other.



If there’s one thing to commend The Color Run on, though, it’s got to be how accessible it is to non-athletes like myself! I’m not the kind who can endure long distances of running, so the times when we stopped at the colour zone or to brisk walk came as a welcome break from all the jogging and running. The camaraderie we shared with fellow runners as we erupted into a riot of cheers and powder pelting is also something I would call truly unforgettable. C:

And the result? I’ll let the pictures do the talking. 😀


Nothing particularly impressive from a distance, but up-close, WHOA!





To mark the end of its inaugural run in Singapore, The Color Run (pun unintended) threw a Finish Line Festival on the grounds of the Race Village where we got to pelt each other with our personal packets of coloured powder! 😀 Not to mention a small, post-run snack in the form of a banana, and plenty of photo opportunities with a colourful unicorn mascot. 😀

It might not have been the most epic 5k on the planet, but The Color Run did give us a great first-time marathon experience. I would be lying if I said that this event didn’t give me the urge to fly to India for its grander counterart, the Holi Festival. But for now, it’s time to get ’em colour stains outta my hair and clothes!

Click here if going to bed multi-coloured isn’t your cup of tea. 😀

And now that I’ve had my first pseudo marathon experience, I’m looking forward to my next marathon: Race The Dead!


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