Magnum Pleasure Store @ Clarke Quay Central Fountain (27th July – 25th Aug 2013)

“Surprise me.”

“Huh?” I turned to my friend, confused, as we stood in front of the circular counter in the Magnum Pleasure Store.

“Help me pick the toppings and drizzle at random; I can’t decide.” He explained, gesturing to the kaleidoscope of toppings which beckoned to us from their little containers.

Pub goers to Clarke Quay would have noticed a brown hued container-like structure in place of the Central Fountain that has dazzled many a tourist (and drenched a few foolhardy ones) recently. Bearing the now iconic M monogram of the Magnum brand, it’s none other than the Magnum Pleasure Store, a popup store that has been dishing up delectable creations from the world’s classiest ice cream.


Arriving at its premises one hot Saturday afternoon, we found it packed with ice cream lovers, curious foodies, and simmering Singaporeans who, like us, were seeking a delicious way to escape the relentless heat. And what better way to do so, then to pop by this lil box of sweet surprises? 😀


Launched to promote two new flavours,The Magnum Pink (Marc Du Champagne) and the Magnum Black (Black Espresso), The Magnum Pleasure Store lets pleasure seekers choose between a Design My Magnum (S$7) and a Pre-Creation (ranging between S$12-18) from the menu. A quick glance around told us that most were here for the sheer novelty of being able to create their own Magnum; I mean, if you can have it your way, why not? 😉


As with other customizable food joints, designing your Magnum is easy as ABC – pick a coating, three toppings and a drizzle. To keep things simple, the Magnum Pleasure Store offers only one flavour, vanilla. Coatings and drizzle include White, Milk and Dark. Toppings – and here’s the fun part – range from classic favourites to the purely experimental and downright adventurous!

Here’s the full list if you’re not convinced: almond flakes, caramel chips, chocolate crunchies, chocolate hearts, coffee dusting, dried cranberries, macadamia chips, pistachio chips, rice puffs, sunflower seeds, dried mixed flowers, gold flakes, golden nuggets, wolfberries, rose petals, chilli flakes, popping candy and sea salt. Spotted anything quirky in this selection yet? I bet you have!

To say that Magnum has put a sexy spin on a deceptively simple dessert is a downright understatement. With my toppings being mixed in a cocktail shaker, I felt like I was standing in a posh bar, watching a seasoned bartender concoct a deliciously sinful drink. And speaking of drinks, the Magnum Pleasure Store does serve up a mean selection of cocktails, if their menu is anything to go by. 😉

But enough about that; here are the ‘stars’ of the post, so to speak – our Magnums! 😀


Here’s the concoction I picked for my friend: Dark Chocolate topped with Dried Mixed Flowers,  Almond and Sea Salt before being drizzled in White Chocolate. A surprisingly sweet and light combination, according to him. 😀


I really wasn’t kidding when I mentioned that some of their toppings are purely for the adventurous – Chilli Flakes, Chocolate Crunchies and Red Hearts!  😀


And here’s my own which I happily dubbed Eden on a Stick because of how its toppings resembled an exotic garden. 😀 Milk Chocolate coated with Dried Mixed Flowers, Red Hearts and Golden Nuggets! Picked a White Chocolate drizzle just to stand out against the darker tones of the coating and toppings ‘cos I’m such a sucker for aesthetically pleasing desserts.

My self-proclaimed Eden on a Stick was surprisingly minty and crunchy, probably because of the dried flowers, but the coating was bordering on overly sweet. Maybe my regular favourite Dark Chocolate would have done the trick. And yes, things got real messy toward the end, what with all the toppings dropping off.


A beautiful mess,


At S$7, the Design My Magnum might seem a tad pricey for ice cream, but just remember, it’s a sexy, topping-filled treat you’re paying for after all. While it’s a real pity that the store is so tiny, and that it’ll be closing soon, rumour has it that this sweet lil popup is set to pop up (heh heh) in another part of Singapore! I wonder where that will be. 😉

I’ll be really psyched if it becomes a permanent fixture, though, since it boasts such an enticing menu which includes not just Magnum-inspired drinks and treats, but savoury starters and mains as well!

So, where do you think the Magnum Pleasure Store is headed to next? C:


30 River Valley Road
Clarke Quay Central Fountain
Singapore 179023

Website/ Facebook:

Opening Hours:
Daily: 12nn – 11pm


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