Food & Socialikes Connect (FSCSG) (Invite) – of Food, Social Media & Ethics

Food is hot in Singapore, and it’s getting social.

The inaugural Food & Socialikes Connect (FSCSG) was held at Lime House over a week ago, and saw some 50 food bloggers, Instagrammers and blogger-come-Instagrammers tuning on some of the things that FSCSG’s panel of F&B professionals and insiders had to say about the local F&B and blogging scene.

It’s funny how most of us are kind of “competing” against each other for a share of voice in this hyper saturated field, yet our blogs and social media profiles also complement each other in terms of how we cover different areas in food. That said, it was great to finally see some of my favourite food bloggers in person and bask in their reflected glory-I mean, spend a fruitful day getting their insights and strategies on how to be a better blogger.

Oh, and there was also a friendly mobile photography competition after photographer Alex Ortega shared tips on how to take great pictures without a DSLR. No pressure. 😉

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Ben & Jerry’s Flagship Scoop Shop Opening @ 313 Somerset (Invite)

Fans of Ben & Jerry’s are in for a double treat – with the opening of their new Flagship Scoop Store at 313 Somerset Discovery Walk, one can enjoy no less than 18 exciting ice cream flavours, along with new shakes, sundaes, ice cream cakes and merchandise in the heart of Singapore.

What’s more, with baked goods and herbs being supplied by SCORE Bakery and Edible Garden City, a rehabilitation outlet for inmates and urban farming group respectively, who’s to say you can’t indulge your sweet tooth without doing a little good to society? 😀

On top of that, the Flagship Scoop Store will also host a new Benefit Tuesday Night programme for local welfare organizations to engage the public; the first of which was tonight’s preview of the Peace, Love & Commoonity Sundae, courtesy of international food artist (and my personal favourite food Instagrammer of all time), Samantha Lee.

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Hit The Roof with Edible Gardens & Friends @ People’s Park Complex

It doesn’t get any more rustic than this; an urban rooftop garden set in the heart of Chinatown, a place more widely known for its sweet pork and burning joss sticks than a pop up farm. Helmed by a motley crew of DIY and environmental enthusiasts, NONG (which is Chinese for farming) had run its course on the spacious rooftop of People’s Park Complex, and it was time to bid it adieu.

The send-off? A miniature farmer’s market of workshops, hipster wares and – not forgetting – food and drink! Set against a backdrop of architectural mishmash (read: high rise buildings towering over ye olde shophouses), vendors like The Cajung Kings, Ice Cream & Cookie Co. and 28 Hongkong Street were the main crowd drawers, while the smooth beats of Matteblanc permeated the evening atmosphere.


Haven’t had the chance to check them out, so there was no way I was missing out on Hit The Roof. With food and drinks being freshly prepared with each order, the food segment of Hit the Roof seemed like a very casual live kitchen, making more than a few mouths water in anticipation. 😉

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Hello Kitty’s Celebration @ City Square Mall (15 – 23 Mar 2014) (Invite)

This character needs no introduction; she’s the world’s most famous kitty, and she’s spun an industry worth gazillions of billions of dollars loved by fans young and old alike. That’s right, I’m talking about Hello Kitty, the mouthless feline star who has taken over City Square Mall with the latest Hello Kitty Celebrations (more on that later).


Young ones and grownups who are young at heart are in for a treat this March school holiday. Spend a minimum of $50 and get your paws on a Meet & Greet Pass to take a picture with Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel (see below!). In addition, every $50 spent gets you and three family members a potential golden ticket to a 7D6N trip to Japan, with a visit to Sanrio Puroland, the mecca of all things kawaii (limited to 20 entries per shopper per day regardless of amount spent).

On top of that, City Square Mall is also rewarding shoppers with a $5 City Square shopping voucher for every $200 spent ($250 if inclusive of NTUC FairPrice receipts). So hey, how’s that for participating in Singapore’s favourite pastime? 😛

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Savour 2014 @ The Promontory (Marina Bay)

It’s been a week since I attended Savour 2014 and I still can’t stop thinking about it.


I’ll start off by admitting that I totally went on a whim; yes, I opened my calendar, found I had nothing planned for the weekend, and decided to pass the time with an impromptu (albeit expensive) visit to one of Singapore’s most anticipated gourmet food festivals.

And I gotta say, that was one of the best impulsive decisions I’ve made this year! Good food, good place, what’s not to love about it? 😉

With that out in the open, don’t expect today’s post to be an intellectually driven exposé on which chef hails from where, and so on. My virgin experience at Savour was driven mostly by the sights, sounds and smells (plus tastes!) at The Promontory, and that’s how I’m going to share my little weekend culinary adventure with you. 😀

Bon appétit! 

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Race The Dead 2013 , Day Two @ Sentosa

I once joked that the only thing that could make me run faster would be a zombie hot on my heels.

Little did I know that I would be outrunning not one, not two, but an entire army of the undead, on the sandy beaches of Sentosa!

Branded as Singapore’s First Ever 5K Zombie Run, Race The Dead combines a grueling obstacle course with an even bigger, more menacing obstacle – the zombie, whose dreaded bite can turn you into a grey-skinned, sore-popping creature that goes “Gnnnnnarrrr” at the sight of human flesh.

Having a mild obsession for zombie movies like 28 Days Later and the like, but being too cowardly to give the ol’ horror themed mazes a try, Race The Dead became the next best thing – sort of a replacement agenda on the bucket list. 😉


You can’t tell here, but I’m actually cowering on the inside – and holding in a fart.

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