Meeting the Judges and Contestants of MasterChef Asia (Invite)

It’s one thing to tune in to your favourite TV show every week, but another thing altogether to watch it live – well, sorta.

With the wildly popular cooking competition, MasterChef coming to Asia, Lifetime introduced Singapore’s contestants and their judges at a media event last weekend:

As a longtime fan of the show (specifically, ever since I teared up at a clip of Gordon Ramsay in Season 3), it was a real treat to walk through a replica of iconic MasterChef kitchen, from the pantry (I would kill to have so many fresh ingredients at my disposal) to the cooking stations. Just had to have a go at pretending to the lift the box! But on to the judges and contestants.

For its inaugural season, MasterChef Asia has a trio of culinary heavyweights from the region, including Susur Lee, Audra Morrice (who herself competed in MasterChef Australia), and Bruno Ménard (who himself holds 3-Michelin stars).

I think chemistry plays a really important part in making TV competitions interesting to watch, and, judging by the lively banter between the judges on stage, it’s safe to say that us viewers will be in for a pretty fun season. 😀

And in true MasterChef fashion, the three contestants from Singapore – Woo Wai Leong, Sandrian Tan, and Lennard Yeong, were brought on stage to compete in a Mystery Box challenge. In no time, the atrium was permeated with alluring aromas that made everyone’s tummies rumble in anticipation.

In the end, it was Sandrian who won the challenge for her Coconut Ginger Prawns with Prawn Omelette served on Pineapple Salsa and Pickled Daikons (try saying that five times as quick as you can). But there’s no doubt that all three have seriously legit cooking and plating skills; the fanciest thing I’ve made in the kitchen is probably stuffed avocado halves.

Was really stoked to meet these talented home cooks (especially Lennard whose appetite-whetting creations I’ve been following on Instagram since before MasterChef); they seem like a talented, yet down to earth bunch and I’m really excited to see Team Singapore on MasterChef Asia.

Thanks Lifetime and SPRG for the invite!

MasterChef Asia premiers on Lifetime on 3 September at 9pm.


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