My night with The Starbucks® Asian Dolce Latte

In life, there will be times when we make a bad decision without knowing it. And then there are times when we still make that bad decision despite knowing full well what will happen.

And yet, we just can’t help ourselves. Love, work, whatever; you name it, you have it.

For me, my bad decisions always involve caffeine. Or rather, my impulse to down a good cuppa.

You see, I’m one of those unfortunate souls who love coffee and the like, but can never make it through the day (or night) without getting the most inconvenient bodily reactions. So far, I’ve had the usual: stomachaches, bouts of absolute (and sometimes uncalled for) hyperactivity, and the most inconvenient of all, sleeplessness on the night before my morning classes.

I should have wised up and steered clear of my so-called frenemy by now, but I haven’t. Like a jilted lover in a bad romance, I keep crawling back for more.

So when I was headed to the PC Commons at U-Town, I couldn’t help but peek into Starbucks to see if they had anything new on the menu.

Starbucks Asian Dolce Latte

Lo and behold, they did! The friendly barista cheerily pointed out the Asian Dolce Latte, which was the new “thang” with Double Espresso shots and, quote unquote, a very special recipe. Did I mention that there was also espresso dusting on the whipped cream?

Without thinking, I put my money down and got myself a tall cup of that Espresso-laced concoction. Five minutes later, I sat down with my cuppa, stuck my straw through the thick layer of cream and took a sip.

The first thing I tasted was the Espresso. In fact, the only thing I tasted was the Espresso. I haven’t gone near those lethal Espresso shots since the last time I pulled an over-night essay-writing marathon, and damn,it hit me faster than a train.

In the next five minutes, I felt like I could take over the world. There was just one problem, though: how am I going to sleep tonight? What’s going to become of my already shattered body clock?

Well, it’s 3.38am now, and my eyes are still as wide as they were at 12 noon. It’s official: I’m not getting any shut eye tonight. At the risk of sounding like a complete geek with no social life, I think it’s time to start tackling my many assignments while my friends party the night away at Zouk (c’est la vie).


P.S. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not out to diss Starbucks; I just thought that if I ever think about going near anything with caffeine in it, this post would serve as a useful reminder of all the reasons why I shouldn’t 😛

P.P.S.This is purely written in jest; no hate is involved 😛

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