Surviving your first outdoor concert (The Singapore Social Concerts 2013, Day One @ Gardens by the Bay)


Scoring free tickets to The Ultimate Concert Weekend is a lot like winning the lottery; you cast your lot in, half hoping and half fearing at what your luck may bring, and in a bid to eliminate any possibility of disappointment and false hope, you try to distract yourself from your one-off game with fate by going about one mundane task after another. Then out of the blue, you get the call of a lifetime (I say lifetime because you’ve probably spent that long waiting for it): you won!

And the million dollar prize? A pair of free tickets to catch your all-time favourite artistes LIVE at the Starcount Concert 2013, held in conjunction with the world’s very first Social Star Awards at Gardens by the Bay!


Presenting.. the Golden Ticket (Photo credits to Olivia)

So what do you do when you find out that you’ve finally gotten the chance to watch the likes of PSY, Carly Rae Jepsen and CeeLo Green belt out their hit songs live on stage? If you’re a concert newbie (like me), here’s a list of easy steps to follow (right after you’re done screaming and hyperventilating like a teenage girl at a K Pop extravaganza):

1. Bring a friend! 


As the old saying goes, happiness shared is multiplied, and what better way to enjoy your first ever outdoor concert than with your best buds? Going into fan girl mode at the same time, checked. 😀

And let’s face it, you’re going to need someone to take all those awesome photos of you beaming your face off in the middle of the crowd, or to take over your self-imposed video-taking duties when your arm gets tired out. Yup, pain shared is definitely divided, too.

I kid, I kid, that’s all secondary. Really.


“Make sure you get me from my good side.”

2. Share the love! 


Like I said, it’s not everyday that you get to see your idols live. Exercise your bragging rights. Use every social media weapon available if you must. But make sure your “bragee” knows the difference between Carly Rae Jepsen and Jayeslee. Or that the former actually exists.

3. If you fail to plan then you plan to fail.  

It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re busy trying to memorize every single song ever recorded by holding a one man impromptu karaoke session in your bedroom, but the bottom line is, don’t. Set about ten alarms at five minutes apart from each other to remind yourself to get ready to go. Because if you don’t, you’ll probably end up doing this for a good half hour into the concert:


Presenting the all-time favourite pastime of our sunny island.

4. Shoes maketh the woman. 


There are many places to show off those five inch heels or pretty bejeweled sandals. This is not one of them. Save your pumped up kicks from the mud and slip on something more functional (no one’s going to be looking at your feet anyway).

And on a side note, Japanese leather sure is made from cows with balls of steel.

5. Show the love!

Don’t just stand around aiming your camera at the stage like Elmer Fudd hunting down his Bugs Bunny; let loose and enjoy yourself! Less cameras:



And more of this: Image

And for the record, I only spent about five minutes tops per set. 😉

6. Show the love!! II 



Performing alongside some of the biggest acts in the world might seem like a real cushy job, but it’s real hard work. After all, clocking in hours of rehearsal time, only to have all the moshing and cheering go to the star of the night must really make those backup dancers and musicians feel like the forgotten sibling, or the underrated sidekick to the superhero.


Luckily, good ol’ Carly Rae Jepsen didn’t forget and introduced the crowd to her  awesome line-up. So when this happens, cheer your heart out for them too! Because without them, you’d probably spend the entire night watching a series of solo A Capella covers.

7. Class is NOT dismissed. 


The night is over, the balls of your feet are aching from having stood for too long, and there’s a long journey home ahead of you. There’s nothing you want more than a nice cold shower and your bed.

But if your idol came in like a boss, it’s only fair that he should leave like a boss too, and certainly not without a fast shrinking crowd. So don’t leave yet; hang around, soak in the atmosphere, because maybe, just maybe, there might be room for an encore or two! 😉


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