Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Plush Toy @ McDonald’s (Valid from 30 May to 3 July 2013)

It doesn’t take much to get a girl’s attention; hang out with your girlfriends and you’ll find that your day has been punctuated with oohs and ahhs at anything and everything that catches their fancy. 😉

The same thing happened to me the other day when I swung by McDonald’s for my fix of French Fries.There it was: the world’s most iconic pair of cat ears, embellished with a little bow, sitting atop the crew’s head as she bustled about dishing up servings of Mc Goodness to the customers before me.

It could only mean one thing: Hello Kitty’s back in town, and this time you can enter the world of the Hello Kitty Fairy Tales! 


source: mitsueki.wordpress.com

Running from 30 May to 3 July, this year’s Hello Kitty x Mc Donald’s collection features everyone’s favourite cat as a.. yup, you guessed it, fairy tale character!

Being an avid fan of Hello Kitty myself, I was pretty excited when today finally rolled around. Thankfully, there were no crazy long queues. 😀 And yes, you can have your very own doll at S$4.60 with any Extra Value Meal, including breakfast! 


This year’s foray into the land of fairy tales kick starts with Hello Kitty as the Cowardly Lion from the classic novel turned movie turned musical, The Wizard of Oz! (Hmm, a cat in a cat suit, catception much? 😛 ) Image


Completing the fairy tale look is the box that each doll comes in, which resembles a thick book of fairy tales, with a Hello Kitty twist of course! I say that little description at the back is a great way to spark the little ones’ interest in classic fairy tales. 😀

And not forgetting Hello Kitty herself!



Now that’s what I call paying attention to detail.

If you love Hello Kitty and fairy tales as much as I do, you’ll find the best of both worlds here. C: For the hardcore fans, you can get a Hello Kitty McDelivery for every delivery ordered (advanced orders have been suspended till 3 June due to a high order volume according to McDelivery.com)

McDonald’s will be selling Hello Kitty dolls from different fairy tales each week, so keep your eyes peeled! (more details are in the first picture)

So, which fairy tale character is your favourite? 😉


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