Pita Pan @ Marina Bay Sands (Closed)

1 May 2018: Pita Pan has closed. 

I stood transfixed at the array of vegetarian fillings, arranged strategically so that it resembled a summer-themed mosaic from afar. On the other side of the counter, kitchen staff were rapidly picking and stuffing them into freshly baked pita pockets in a way that made Middle Eastern cuisine seem almost like an art.

Mmm, this looks promising!

For my first meal at Pita Pan, I ordered a Full Pocket Meal (S$15+) complete with a Pita Pocket, French Fries and a Soft Drink (which can be upgraded to a Latte for S$2). 

Here’s where it gets a little confusing: you’re given a little tag with a queue number, and you’re told to wait till it’s your turn before coming back for your grub. No problem-o, I’ll just hang around my table for a little while…. once I manage to get past the other two or three tables that have been crammed into this tiny space.

Minutes later, I returned to the counter to pick my ingredients (corn, olives, broccoli, lettuce) and sauce (some greenish garlic-y concoction that turned out surprisingly well). Top that with five crispy falafels and you get this:


Not the prettiest of foods, but what the humble pita pocket lacks in appearance, it more than makes up for in taste. Just one bite, and a riot of flavour exploded on my taste buds!

For a full five seconds, I was in gourmet heaven. The combination of vegetables, bread and sauces was so good that I almost considered giving up meat for good. Almost.

And it filled me up pretty quickly too. In no time, this not-so-little pita pocket had sent me right into a food coma; not that I’m complaining! Good thing I had a Latte for a post-lunch-perk-me-up. 😉


It might not have been love at first sight (think messy pitas and cramped spaces), but Pita Pan has a way of working its charm on you; from its great food, cozy ambiance and reasonable price, this place is a hidden gem for vegetarians and visitors wandering around Marina Bay Sands. C:


The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

2 Bayfront Avenue, #01-87

Contact: 6688 7450/ pitapan@pitapan.com.sg

Operating Hours

Sun-Thur: 1100-2300

Fri and Sat: 1100-0000


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