Tanjong Beach Club @ Sentosa

Navigating one’s way around Singapore can be a tricky affair at times, especially with her ever changing infrastructure, and not forgetting – and this is my greatest pet peeve – the ever so strange way we name our places and buildings. Like how some places are named after a district that they’re not even located in.

Heck, there’s a certain Pasir Ris Secondary School right smack in my neighbourhood, and I sure as hell am not living in Pasir Ris!

Luckily, Tanjong Beach Club (TBC) is nowhere near committing this cardinal sin; its name is as straightforward as its location: right in Tanjong Beach at Sentosa! Though some might easily confuse it with Tanjong Pagar,  going by evidence in hash tags on Instagram.

Arriving at its pristine white entrance with a couple of colleagues one sunny Saturday afternoon, who would’ve guessed that we would be stepping into a tropical oasis with a 1950s beach resort concept:
Tanjong Beach Club

Tanjong Beach Club

The crowds were swelling and the music was pumping. Beach goers were either chilling out in a tiny pool or frolicking away on the white shores of Tanjong Beach, champagne optional.  They really weren’t kidding when they said that a day at Sentosa is like a temporary escape from the hustble and bustle of urban life.

We settled at the bar and ordered a round of drinks. In no time, heaven was served to us – in a bottle and a couple of mixers, on a beach far away from the confines of the city. Tanjong Beach Club

But as they say, never settle for less if there’s something better out there, especially if it’s a poolside cabana. With the late afternoon sun in the background, there definitely wasn’t a better spot to enjoy the rest of our drinks. 😀

Tanjong Beach Club


Tanjong Beach Club

And not forgetting a bowl of Truffle Fries to complete our afternoon of lazing by the beach. Because really, who can resist the thick cut of fries tossed with truffle oil, truffle salt and Parmesan cheese? 😉

Tanjong Beach Club

Followed by an obligatory shot of me having my feet up as evidence of a fantastic afternoon.

Tanjong Beach Club

With its bevy of tourists, hangout spots, and gorgeous backdrop, one can easily feel like they’re lounging away in a tropical paradise like Bali or Cuba. TBC looks like a great spot for a weekend getaway for locals, and I’ll definitely be checking this place out again the next time I’m in Sentosa. 😉


120 Tanjong Beach Walk
Sentosa, Singapore 098942

Contact:6270 1355/ 9750 5323 (for Reservations)/ tbc@tanjongbeachclub.com

Operating Hours: 

Tue – Fri : 1100 – 2300

Sat & Sun: 1000 – 0000


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