My 1st Craftholic

I finally caved in and bought my first ever Craftholic last weekend

Working in a nine to five job means that I’m desk bound most of the time, which creates fodder for back aches and the like, especially when I’ve a longstanding tendency to hunch after sitting still for a prolonged length of time.

So why not get one of those cutesy cushions for my seat and, at the same time, brighten up my humble lil space at the office? Enter Craftholics. 😀

The brainchild of Accent CorporationCraftholics is a series of crafts, pouches, and more, all personified in four characters: Lori (monkey), Rab (rabbit), Sloth (bear) and Korat (cat).

Having shot to fame after earning a spot on a, quote unquote, very popular model’s blog in Japan, this quirky line quickly extended its reach beyond the Land of the Rising Sun, winning the hearts of girls worldwide, one Instagram post at a time.

Think of them as the modern day Beanie Baby, and you pretty much have an idea of just how popular these darlings are. 😀


Walking into one of its outlets at Plaza Singapura, I had a helluva time making a choice. From pastel stripes to outlandish patterns, Craftholics has certainly stayed true to its roots in interior fabric.

I finally settled on a Hawaiian Rab, though. It’s one of the most popular designs, and since it’s not entirely in white, it won’t get dirty as easily! 😀

Named my new desk buddy Lilo Squishter. Lilo because it’s from the Hawaiian collection, and Squishter ‘cos I couldn’t help gushing to my colleague about how much I love to squish it! 😀


Compared to the huge cushions that my colleagues use for their backs, my small sized Craftholic pales in comparison. But don’t let its size fool you, because it’s pretty good as a cushion too! Felt like I was leaning on an actual pillow with the amount of support from this little fella. 😀

And did I mention how much I love its blanket-like texture? 😉


It’s only been a day, but I’ve been cuddling Lilo (or Squishter) like a lil girl as I go about my work. All I can say is, I’m pretty darn grateful that my office is open to us keeping plushies at our desk. 😛

Craftholics are definitely pricey, but with its cutesy designs and quality material, it’s definitely worth it. And if you’re still not convinced, there’s an on-going promotion that lets you have two from the older collections for the price of one! How’s that for value for money? 😀

Plaza Singapura 


68 Orchard Road

Plaza Singapura (New Wing)

Unit 04-44,

Contact: 6884 6624



201 Victoria Street


Unit 02-23

Contact: 636 5933

Website/ Facebook:


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