The Simpsons™ LEGO® Minifigure Series

I’ve been obsessed with collecting mini figurines for the longest time. You see, while most girls my age were ooh-ing and aah-ing over the latest Barbie Doll (with curls, curves and all), I spent much of my childhood going after the most minute details in my Hot Wheels and plastic action figures. I was a real tomboy back then and proud of it. 😀 Oh, and did I mention that my favourite TV show of all time was none other than The Simpsons? 😛

So when LEGO announced that they were releasing a new line of mini figurines in conjunction with TV’s longest running animated sitcom, I was undeniably excited. It wasn’t before long before I got my hands on all 16 characters with nothing but sheer feeling of them blind bags (and a little bit of cheating in between):


As a diehard fan of The Simpsons, nothing thrills me more than being to hold those figurines in my hands. Kind of like owning a piece of TV in your own way. 😛 I’m especially intrigued by the little things they paid attention to in the designs, bringing not just the physicalites but also the inside jokes and running gags of the series to life.

Needless to say, I messed around with them figurines to get a couple of photos. If you get the reference in some of these pictures, you had an awesome childhood. 😉




“Hidily ho, neighbourino!”




Little Miss Popular


Homer v.s. Dignity

The new LEGO mini figure series has been announced and many brickaholics are already rife with excitement. What’s your favourite design out of this series? 😀


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