5 Questions People Can’t Stop Asking When You Work for an E-Commerce Company

Joining an E-Commerce company that is more or less known among your social circle can be incredibly exciting, and a minor ego boost for someone whose resume is made up of a smattering of club committees and that one internship that was as compatible with your degree as chalk and cheese, i.e. me when I graduated from university.

In light of this post marking my first year in the “working world” as they call it, here are 5 questions I’ve been asked most frequently by my friends, family and acquaintances upon them finding out where I work (with a hint of tongue-in-cheek :P):

1. Eh! You work there ah? 

That quizzical look of surprise when they hear that you’re one of the minions – I mean, workers behind your company’s website or Facebook/Twitter/insert-social-media-app-where-applicable fan page, coupled with a momentary disbelief as if they heard you wrongly. To put it simply, you feel you’re like an Oompa Loompa bumping into one of Willy Wonka’s customers on your day off from the Chocolate Factory.

 Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 11.30.54 pm
…Or a minion heading out of Gru’s laboratory. (Source: YouTube)

2. Got discount or not? 

Because every Singaporean – and I mean every Singaporean – was born with that innate ability to hunt for greater bargains, whether it’s for themselves or for you.

(Source: Memegenerator.net)

Also, because #CompanyBenefitsAmIRite? #LobangKing

3. Ask you ah, are you selling this or not? How come don’t have yet? When is it coming out ah? 

Good intentions and varying degrees of willingness notwithstanding, you turn from regular buddy/ former room-mate from freshman year into part-time friend/relative/acquaintance and full-time search engine for the deal that your friend has in mind. You are like the retail worker whom customers call upon to ask for that elusive shirt that they saw hanging on the door of someone else’s fitting room last week. Or the anonymous tipper with that juicy, juicy inside scoop for the page-1 hungry reporter.

It makes you start to wonder if “customer service” is the undeclared second job on your contract. And then this happens:


True story, bro. Also, no, I don’t know.
(Source: Twitter)

4. Eh eh eh! Got error leh! Why like that one? 

Think that spelling mistake on page one of your thesis was the biggest, most heart-dropping scare you had in your early twenties? Here’s something to top the list: when your well-meaning friend sends you a screenshot of your company’s website, accompanied by a flurry of messages about how he or she found something wrong in said screenshot, making you the unofficial bearer of doom between your friend and your boss.

To top it off, they’ll try to get you spot the error yourself. LET THE GUESSING GAMES (and a mini panic attack) BEGIN!

giphyScrolling back and forth, staring at the screen and playing a real-time version of Where’s Waldo pretty much sums it up!
(Source: Giphy.com)

But thank you for pointing it out anyway. :B

5. You wrote this one is it? Ok, I sappork

Yet amidst the unavoidable and sometimes downrightly hilariously inane questions from 1 – 4 is a little ray of sunshine. Occasionally, your discount-hunting, random error-spotting friends will stumble upon a little piece you churned out and excitedly ask if you are the industrious wordsmith behind the copy, gushing over how it “totally has your voice” before declaring that they’ll buy it if it really was written by you. No matter if it’s a cake pop class on the other side of the country or a set of queen sized bed sheets that don’t fit on their super single bed, it’s going into their online shopping cart.


You may be no David Ogilvy, but hearing things like that makes you feel like your friends are also your unofficial fans from time to time. And sometimes, that is just about enough motivation for you to get through every day of mind boggling work mechanics and nine to five desk routines. 😛

tumblr_m8sjsssANX1rxnlflo1_500(Source: Tumblr)


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