Stoke – Singapore’s Gourmet BBQ at Your Doorstep (Invite)

When you think family BBQs, you think burnt hot dogs and limp crap sticks in lots of smoke – gone are the luxuries of dining in a restaurant or cafe setting as you hang up your silverware for charcoal and a cardboard for, shall we say, the more “primitive” method of cooking up a feast.

Thanks to Stoke, BBQs no longer have to be a smoky, sweaty affair. Opened in August this year, this very young startup boasts a gourmet BBQ service, complete with curated, premium meats and a private chef at your beck and call.

Meats are sourced from all over the world for optimal taste, namely Spain and Australia. There aren’t any vegetarian or seafood offerings for now, but the team are working very hard to bring in a wider variety to suit their customers. 😉

Stoke packages its meat for 4 (Four’s Company, $160), 8 (Eight’s A Party, $310), or 12 pax (Full-House Dozen, $440). The BBQ packages – which come with a recipe card and instructions for thawing and grilling – include Spanish Iberico Pork, Australian Certified-Organic Grass-Fed Beef, and Australian Certified-Organic Bultarra Saltbush Lamb.

Other lip-smacking starters in these packages include Iberico Ham, Spanish Green Olives, Mussels in Olive Oil, Gourmet Pâté, and Manchego Cheese. Yum!

The Iberico Ham, which is touted by Stoke to be “world renown”, is cured in the continental climate of Spain. I really loved its smoky, mature notes and it makes for a perfect starter if you simply can’t wait for your meat to cook. 😛

The Saltbush Lamb Ribs, which garnered Saltbush Livestock two awards at the 2015 South Australian Regional Awards, proved a tad tough to cut through.

My top picks for the night have got to be the Pork Iberico and the Grass-fed Beef Ribeye. The chef really did justice to these prime cuts of meat by seasoning them perfectly and grilling them to just the right temperature – even more reason to use Stoke’s private chef service so you can focus on the most important part of any BBQ: the food. 😉 So succulent was the beef that I couldn’t help but have seconds – but who says you go to a BBQ to diet anyway?!

Although Stoke caters mostly to adults and expats in Singapore, they also take on a fair share children’s birthdays and company functions. They even tweak their hot dogs to appeal to different palates and age groups.

Of course, a BBQ isn’t all about the meat, although that’s arguably the *most* important part. Stoke can also recommend other restaurants to cater the other parts of the menu, from pasta and salads to even specialty dishes like couscous. Feel like indulging in a little alcohol and tiramisu after your meal? Why not!

With a service like Stoke’s, I’d be hard pressed to not want to make my next family or group gathering a home BBQ – especially when I don’t have to be slaving over a hot grill and can spend the evening catching up. You can place your order as late as 2 days in advance. 

The team seem like a sincere bunch who are genuinely passionate about promoting a thriving food culture at our doorsteps, never mind that they have to sacrifice their time on the weekend for their side business. Thanks for having us over at your BBQ! 🙂

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