5 Reasons to Shop at Kohepets if You are a Pet Owner (Invite)

As a pet owner, I’m always concerned about whether I’m providing enough food and toys for my fur kid. Whether it’s sourcing new options to add that much needed variety in his diet, or getting my hands on chew toy to spoil him with, shopping for the right things for my pet can sometimes be challenging, especially with each animal having specific needs, but really fruitful when I see that happy gleam in his eyes.


So, when Kohepets approached me to try their online shopping experience, I thought – why not?

Instead of documenting my shopping experience from start to finish, I thought I would list 5 advantages of shopping with Kohepets – so here they are!

1. Variety, variety, variety. 

Kohepets stocks over 6,000 products in 6 categories: food, toiletries, accessories, toys, grooming, and beds. To put it in perspective, the closest brick and mortar option I can think of is the largest Pet Safari store…all the way in VivoCity. Hey, if you can find and compare tons of options from the comfort of home, why not?

And it’s not just about dogs – there’s plenty to find for other animals:

  • Cats
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea Pigs
  • Hamsters
  • Birds


2. Shop from different brands in one store. 

KONG toys, snacks… you name it, they have it. If you can’t find the brand or product of choice, you can also get in touch with Kohepets to see how they can place an order for you. They’re also constantly working to bring new merchants on board, so keep your eyes peeled.

I’ve been itching to get my furkid a bowtie for ages, but kept putting it off until I found the perfect design on Kohepets’ website. Check out the Bowtix Geomtric Amethyst Bow Tie that I picked! But hurry, as certain items tend to sell out really fast.

Here are the other items I got from Kohepets:


3. Discounts for dry and canned food all year long!

Who doesn’t love one, honestly? Pet owners can stock up on supplies on Kohepets’ on-going Sales page. Not sure whether your pet would take well to a particular brand? Kohepets also offers free samples for certain dry food brands.

4. No credit card? No problem! 

Just hit the “pay by cash” option at the checkout screen.

5. Free shipping in 2 days for orders exceeding $60. 

Because your beloved fur kid should not have to wait for their treats and gifts.

Thanks Kohepets for showering us with lots of great gifts and even greater service!

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