Foxhole Cafe @ The Midtown Residences – The Pourover’s New Hideout with a Unicorn on the Wall

There’s something about the start of a new year that fills me with optimism – new ventures, new possibilities, and most importantly, new places to go cafe-hopping!

Well 2017 must be the year that Singapore’s cafe scene finally breaks into the far-reaching corners of the East, what with places like Brothers in Fine Food opening in Tampines, and The Pourover moving into their new residence at Foxhole Cafe in Hougang.


One of the first few business to set up shop in the newly opened (and very empty) Midtown Residences, Foxhole is best described as a cafe without airs, with its 26 seater area tucked away on the second floor.

A large, galaxy-themed unicorn mural also occupies one side of the wall, and is fast becoming a prominent fixture on Instagram (good luck trying to fit the entirety of it in your pictures though, what with the space as narrow as it is).

Notice the slightly blue tint throughout the second level? That’s thanks to the UV filter that the owners installed on the wall – pretty handy for when the afternoon sun is at its brightest, seeing how the seating area overlooks an empty field.


Privacy is pretty much guaranteed for diners in this set up, although I would be pretty stressed wondering how my customers are taking to the food and atmosphere! To ensure that you don’t have to run up and down the stairs every time you need something, Foxhole has installed call buttons at most of the tables.


The menu is kept small and simple, with baked goods forming the bulk of its food menu, and sodas, coffee and tea for the thirsty. With nothing but my Nintendo DS of games to keep me occupied for the afternoon (I had vowed to leave work behind that day), I settled on a simple lunch of lasagne and Yakult soda:


At $14.90, the Lasagne is the most expensive item on Foxhole’s menu. Served with Black Truffle Chips, you can choose between chicken and beef for its filling. For its price, I felt portions could be slightly more generous, although the food did have a nice, homely taste to it. Loved mopping up the sauce with the chips, too!


On to the Foxhole Signature Yakult Soda ($6.90), which may well earn the title of 2017’s Most Instagramable Drink. Rather than your normal glass jug, the owners opted for a Yakult shaped coin box with a palm sized glass jug to pour the drink into – LOL! Works for me though.


Taste wise, there was a rather interesting juxtaposition of the familiar Yakult taste with the bubbly consistency of soda – it seemed like the latter overwhelmed the former at some points.


In the mood for some dessert? Foxhole Cafe also offers a delectable range of cakes and pastries, including some sinful looking chocolate cakes and bread pudding with ice cream. Was sorely tempted to order a slice of their Orange Drizzle cake but I decided that lasagne and soda was enough cheating for one day!


Foxhole Cafe is homely space with a few tricks up their sleeves. It would be interesting to see what they cook up next!

Address: 1189 Upper Serangoon Road 01-18 (Nearest MRT: Hougang)
Opening hours:
10am – 10pm (closed on Tuesday)

Facebook/ Instagram
Menu: Food/ Drinks

Wifi: Yes


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