The Midtown Food & Cafe Hopping Guide – Hougang’s Newest Foodie Haunt

The North East zone has been fairly neglected in terms of must-visit cafes and food joints – until The Midtown’s opening in early 2017. Since then, a fair number of F&B joints have opened, giving Hougang more food options beyond the usual hawker fare.

Here are just some places worth checking out at this up and coming spot!

Foxhole Cafe 

One of the first cafes to take up residence, Foxhole Cafe has since expanded from a tiny menu consisting mostly of baked goods and cakes, to include hearty rice bowls. Look out for their Instagram worthy Foxhole Signature Yakult Soda, which photographs great against a galaxy-themed unicorn painted on the wall of their dining area!

Full review here. 

Unit Number:  01-18 
Opening hours: 
10am – 10pm (closed on Tuesday)


Cereal Citizen

Inspired by London’s hippest cereal themed cafe, Cereal Killer, Cereal Citizen is one of the cutesiest entrants on this list. Co-owned by blogger Bong Qiuqiu, this pastel-themed cafe offers 24 varieties of cereal – some of them not available in Singapore – as well as crododos (donut-shaped croissants), milkshakes, and ice cream – all artfully embellished with a cereal of your choice.

Unit Number:  01-47 
Opening hours: 
10am – 9pm (closed on Wednesday)

Tiew Mai Thai Boat Noodles 

Tiew Mai satiates cravings for Thai food with 3 types of noodles served in a bowl of flavourful broth, fish sauce winglets, spring rolls, and more. Perfect comfort food for a rainy day.


Unit Number:  01-22 
Opening hours:
Monday to Thursday: 12pm – 10.30pm
Friday to Sunday: 12pm – 11pm

Snacky & Crisps Flagship Store 

While not a dine-in joint per se, Snacky & Crisps‘ flagship store offers fish skin and salted egg snacks aficionados, yet another option to get their fix. Swing by and grab a bag or two of their freshly cooked, generously sized snacks!

snacky and crisps

Read the full review here!

Unit Number:  01-44 
Opening hours:
10am – 9pm daily


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