Roy Thai Kitchen @ Hougang Block 106 – Authentic Thai Food in a Kopitiam (Invite)

Did you know? Roy stands for “authentic” in Thai. So don’t go asking for a man named Roy the next time you’re at Roy Thai Kitchen in Hougang Block 106.


Jokes aside, though, it’s evident that the owners of Roy Thai Kitchen were gunning for authenticity, judging by the strong flavours of sweet, sour and spicy in their cooking. No punches spared on the palate!

As with most Thai eateries, Roy Thai Kitchen’s menu offers the usual suspects, with a few unique spins. The Thai-style Fried Chicken with Mango Salad ($10), for example, combines crispy yet tender chicken pieces with a generous topping of green mango slices, peanuts, and tangy sauce. Great for sharing with friends over a steaming bowl of rice!


Other choice dishes to share include the Thai-style Flower Clams with Thai Sauce and Basil ($10), another new feature on Roy Thai Kitchen’s menu. Not for the spice averse, but the freshness of the clams, combined with the sweet and spicy notes in the sauce, make it a winning dish for me.


My favourite, though, is the Thai-style Homemade Prawn Cakes ($10) – crunchy, light batter on  the outside, piping hot prawn paste on the inside, with not a hint of fishiness. A must try if you’re at Roy Thai Kitchen!


For solo diners (or those who don’t want to share an ounce of Roy Thai’s delicious morsels – we understand), there’s the Green Curry Fried Rice ($5), fragrant and flavourful with every spoonful.


The owners also mentioned that their Thai-style Sukiyaki Glass Noodle ($5, available in soup and dry versions), is a hit with the female crowd, and I can see why. Springy, clear noodle strands mixed with morsels of egg, vegetables, and prawn, coupled with sour and spicy notes from the broth makes for the perfect meal on a rainy afternoon.


I first tried Tom Kah Gai – Thai-style Coconut Soup – back in Phuket. The sour notes of the coconut broth, coupled chunky chicken meat, was heaven on my taste buds after a long day on the road. Roy Thai Kitchen’s Tom Kah Gai ($12) comes pretty close to the one I had, with onions, tomatoes, and mushrooms for added texture and flavour. Take a break from the usual tom yum and give this a shot; you won’t regret it!


Another note worthy dish to share – Deep Fried Fish with Special Sauce ($22). The fish far surpassed my initial expectations in terms of freshness, with flesh so soft and falling off the bone with little effort. Be sure to dip it in the sauce for extra oomph before you take a bite!


Close your eyes, sample the food, and you’ll find it hard to believe that you are not in a typical kopitiam at Roy Thai Kitchen. I’ll be back the next time I’m craving my Thai food fix. Thanks for hosting us!


Address: Hougang Avenue 1 Block 106
Opening hours: 11.30am – 10pm daily

Facebook / Instagram 

Wifi: No


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