Morganfield’s @ The Star Vista – The Home of Sticky Bones; Leave Your Diet at the Door (Invite)

“You’ll be trying a lot of food today,” the Morganfield’s PR representative told us as the third dish hit the table.

Morganfield’s is known for hearty American food – think Southern style BBQ, craft beers, and sinfully rich desserts  that will send your calorie counter off the charts (not that you should be counting your calories when you’re dining at the self proclaimed Home of the Sticky Bones anyway).

With their new menu launching next month, we were invited for a taste test of their upcoming dishes and signatures at their outlet at The Star Vista.


Kickstarted the Southern feast with a plate of Loaded Chilli Nachos ($13.90++) – corn tortilla chips baked to crisp perfection, topped with cheese, housemade Chilli Concarne, Corn Salsa, jalapeños  and sour cream, all for our dipping delight.

Unlike other restaurants, Morganfield’s uses tender pulled ribs instead of the usual beef for that extra sweetness. We certainly enjoyed pulling the corn chips out of that thick, gooey cheese!


The Golden Fried Wings ($13.90++), on the other hand, could have fared better. While the chicken flesh was no doubt tender, thanks to being marinated in Morganfield’s spice mix, I found the batter to be much too floury – to the point where the skin lacked flavour, almost.


While I did say that Morganfield’s is a not place for you to keep count of your carb intake, it doesn’t mean that you can’t sneak a little bit of health into your meal. The Apple & Chicken Salad ($17.90++), with its fresh mesclun greens and apple slices, can satiate any need for greens.


If you’re hungry, go for the Tequila Spiked Chicken ($24.90++), which plates up half a chicken with roast potatoes and side salad. While the paprika added a much needed kick, I couldn’t really make out the taste of tequila in the marinade. Chicken was succulent and tender in both dishes though.


And now the verdict that everyone’s been waiting for: BBQ Sticky Bones. Touted as Morganfield’s signature item (and the reason for visiting their outlets islandwide), the meat laden ribs are dry rubbed in homemade sauce, before being slow cooked to lock in that flavour for every morsel.

As it was my first time trying the BBQ Sticky Bones (and one of the rare times I’ve eaten ribs), expectations were high. It’s safe to say that the Hickory BBQ Sticky Bones ($19.90++) won me over! Sweet, melt-off-the-bone meat that was so satisfying to slice through – and more satisfying to pop in my mouth. More please!


Head’s up if you’re a Sticky Bones fan: Morganfield’s has cooked up a new sauce, Kansas Sticky Bones ($22.90 ++ for half portion, $42.90++ for full portion). While the Hickory sauce is on the sweet side, the Kansas sauce packs a smokier aftertaste. My personal preference is still the Hickory sauce, but if you’re up for something rich, go for the Kansas rendition.


Out of all the mains we tried, the Blackened Salmon ($24.90) was one of the more visually appealing offerings. The tangy corn salsa helped to lift an otherwise plain fillet of salmon.


My personal favourite, though, is the Beer Battered Fish Fillet ($23.90++). That massive slab of Hoki fish fillet certainly turned heads when it arrived at the table (who needs that bread anyway?!). Topped with coleslaw, the fish fillet was perfectly infused with the beer batter on the outside, yet fluffy on the inside.10/10 will be back for more!


For dessert, Morganfields has a couple of decadent tricks up its sleeves. The Bread Pudding ($11.90++) is delightfully sticky and sweet, with the cool vanilla ice cream accompanied by a dash of Jack Daniel’s whisky sauce.


Chocolate lovers can choose between an equally sticky dessert, PB&J Mudslide ($9.90++) or Chocolate Lava Cake ($15.90++). 


Yes, let that chocolate flow. 


Morganfield’s new menu graces tables at 3 locations islandwide come March – so mark your calendar if you’re up for a hearty Southern meal. Thanks Morganfield’s and Big Roy for the invite!

Address: The Star Vista 02-23
Opening hours:
Sunday  to Thursday: 11am – 11pm
Friday and Saturday: 11am – 2am

Website/ Facebook/ Instagram

Extra charges: GST and Service Charge


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