When in Shanghai: RAC Coffee @ Anlu Road – Crêpes and Galettes with a Side of French Chic

There’s nothing quite like some good ol’ brunch to get you up and raring for the day.

One of the first places we hit up in Shanghai was RAC Coffee . Located along Anlu Road around the former French Concession, this otherwise nondescript cafe is a popular spot among local cafe goers, with queues said to form on the weekends.


With the summer sun beating down on us, a seat by the window and a tall, cold drink was in order – along with some of their famous breakfast items. I was quite tickled by the bottles of Sriracha at our table, but then again, this is Shanghai we’re talking about! Can’t escape our Asian love for spice.

Food wise, RAC keeps its menu pretty compact, with typical cafe offerings such as breakfast sets and sandwiches. However, if there’s one thing you must not leaving without trying, it would definitely be their galettes and crêpes!


Being rather famished, the Far West (98 RMB) was one of the first items on the menu we gunned for. A savoury amalgamation of pancetta, egg, cheese, mushrooms and cream exploded on our tastebuds with every bite. A few mouthfuls in, and the cheese quickly filled us up. Not a bad choice at all if you’re looking for something substantial. This was definitely my favourite out of the three we tried.

Be warned, though – it’s really huge and filling (just look at the plate for comparison!). Highly recommended to share a few with your dining companions, which we did.


Another highly recommended item on RAC’s menu is the Smoked Salmon (90 RMB). This one was much subtler in flavour compared to the Far West, with the beet root and smoked salmon complementing each other perfectly.The sour cream also added a slight richness to the galette, in a way that wasn’t too overwhelming.

Plus points for all the elements coming together in the most aesthetically pleasing manner! I almost couldn’t bear to slice through that beautiful arrangement on my plate. Almost like a mosaic.


While we were pretty stuffed by the end of our two galettes, there was no way we were leaving RAC without dessert. Though plain looking, the Salted Caramel (38 RMB) turned out to be one of the highlights of our meal! It’s also devoid of filling, so pretty manageable for a single diner if you’re on the hunt for a sweet treat.


With so many understated cafes dotting Shanghai’s former French Concession, it was almost a shame that we couldn’t try them all within the short span of our stay. I would definitely love to return and explore more of what this quaint district has to offer. Till then, if you’re in Shanghai and looking for a brunch recommendation, RAC Coffee is the place for you!


(Accurate as of October 2018)

322 Anfu Road Building 1, Shanghai Shi, China
安福路322号1幢, 近武康路
Google Maps
Baidu Maps (same building as 野兽派公司)
Nearest MRT: Changshu 常熟路
Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday: 8am – 5pm, 6pm – 10pm
Sunday: 8am – 5pm

Food: Breakfast Sets, Brunch and Sandwiches, Galettes and Crêpes 
Drinks: Alcohol, WineCoffee and Juices 


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