Brotzeit’s 2019 Menu – Celebrate Perpetual Summer with a Simplified Menu of 12 Sausage Dishes and Beer Pairings (Media)

As part of its quest to become Singapore’s go-to destination for German beer and cuisine, Brotzeit has introduced a selection of 12 sausage based dishes.  


Helmed by award winning Executive Chef Wolfgang Ranner, who has headed F&B operations at Hilton China and Singapore Airlines, Brotzeit’s new Summer Sausage Menu includes:

  • Smoked Chicken Cheese Sausage
  • Farmer’s Sausage
  • Wurstsalat

Diners can enjoy them with recommended beer pairings, as well as new mustard flavours which include:

  • Horseradish Mustard, a medium hot mustard balanced with horseradish cream
  • Hot Grainy Mustard, which has a slightly nutty taste
  • Sweet Mustard
  • Medium Hot Mustard

The Smoked Chicken Cheese Sausage/ Geräucherte Hühnerkäsewurst ($19) oozes delicious, rich bursts of cheese with every bite. Served with roasted potatoes and braised red cabbage, this is certainly going to be one of the crowd favourites. It is best paired with Wieninger PD 1813 Naturtrüb Zwickl ($8 for 0.3l, $12 for 0.5l), a beer whose malty and smooth taste compliments the smoky aftertaste of the meat.

Served in a rustic griddle, the Farmer’s Sausage / Bauernwurst ($19) is a flavourful pork sausage that yields coarse textures for diners who prefer something with a little more bite. Pair this with Wieninger Dunkles Lager Naturtrüb($8 for 0.3l, $12 for 0.5l), known for its nutty taste and dry finish. This is also my favourite new dish!


The Sausage Tower with Pretzel/ Würstel Ringelspiel mit Brezn ($32 for Smoked Chicken Cheese Sausage, $36 for Farmer’s Sausage, $34 for Half-and-Half) boasts an unprecedented 1 metre long sausage of your choice. Draped over a wooden pole with two Bavarian pretzels, this mouthwatering showstopper also comes complete with scissors and tongs for you to clip ’em meaty links. If you want a relatively guilt-free way to enjoy two of Brotzeit’s new sausage flavours, you can look no further than the Sausage Tower.


To complement the sausage based mains, Brotzeit is also whipping up to 12 different side dishes, ranging from roasted potatoes and rosti, to sauerkraut and pasta.


For diners seeking something more refreshing, the Sausage Salad/ Wurstsalat ($10 for appetiser, $19 for main) is a wholesome, traditional recipe that is served topped with boiled eggs, sliced onions, and bell peppers. This briny, meaty dish goes well with bread, and of course, some Hofbräuhaus München Original Weissbier ($8 for 0.3l, $12 for 0.5l). 


Regulars can still indulge in some dishes that have been kept with Brotzeit’s menu revamp. The Pork Curry Sausage/ Currywurst  ($19) is a self-proclaimed “Berlin’s favourite”, served with chilli-curry sauce and potato wedges to up that comfort food factor.


Brotzeit’s Meatloaf/ Leberkäse ($15) reminds me somewhat of a breakfast muffin, with the meatloaf served between a kaiser roll. This simple yet satisfying dish is completed with crispy fries and pickles.


Come 4 July 2019, Brotzeit will be adding one more dish to their summer menu, except… it’s not a sausage! The Steckerlfisch Fish on Stick ($28) features a whole oven roasted mackerel with tomatoes, lemons, and dips to treat your senses to the flavours of summer. Served on a stick, the amazingly flavoured meat falls off the bone, while the skin itself is crisp to perfection. A curious addition to Brotzeit’s sausage-filled menu, but not an unwelcome one!



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Summer Sausage Menu


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