When in Kyoto: Bakery Wälder @ Sakaicho, Nakagyo-ku – Quaint, Cozy German-Style Bakery Near Nishiki Market

I’ve gotten less… particular about my travel pacing, i.e. how many spots I must absolutely squeeze into every overseas trip as I get older (age has a lot to do with it). Yet sometimes, “no plan” means “no places to see” in some cases, like that one time I got up too early to explore Nishiki Market on my second last morning in Kyoto; 9 out of 10 stalls had yet to open. That said, I was pretty lucky to stumble upon this charming spot that was already ready for the day.


Sakaicho, Kyoto

Tucked away from main areas of Nishiki Market, about a six-minute walk away from Kyoto-Kawaramachi Station, Bakery Wälder is a German-style bakery that is said to offer about 100 different selection of baked goods on weekends.

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What’s amazing about Bakery Wälder is not so much its eye-popping collection of goods, but the fact they are able to cram this sheer range of offerings into its tiny space. There’s not a lot of room to swing your backpack around, which also makes for some quick decision-making on your part if you, like me, happen to pop in out of curiosity.


Source: 京都 ベーカリーワルダーWalder Facebook Page

The aroma of freshly-baked goods permeates every corner of this tiny store, and for once, I’m glad at the possibility of smelling like my breakfast. Baked goods at this humble spot are also pretty cheap, with most not exceeding ¥500 apiece.

Both of the two pieces I ended up getting were light and flaky to the last bite, with an abundance of flavours greeting my tastebuds as I sank my teeth in. Oh to wake up with these mouthwatering pastries and the luxury to savour them over a cuppa and a book by the balcony.



Bakery Wälder turned out to be a fun discovery toward the tail-end of my Kyoto trip, and I certainly had a fine time wandering around its quaint surroundings in Sakaicho. If you’re craving some European food in between all that ramen and sushi, stop by Bakery Wälder before you hit Nishiki Market proper!


Address:757-2 Minamiiseyacho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto, 602-8153
Google Maps
Nearest Station: Kyoto-Kawaramachi  Station
Opening Hours:
Friday to Wednesday: 9am – 7pm
Closed on Thursday 
+81 75-256-2850



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